5 Reasons SEO is So Important for Your Dealership

Digital marketing for automotive dealerships is critical, and a key part of that strategy is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. If your dealership is not using SEO as part of your digital marketing program, you are giving your competition an edge. DigiSphere Marketing is an expert in SEO and making the best use of it for your company. Here is why it is so important:

Google and Search Engine Optimization

SEO is what optimizes your website so it is not only found by search engines but also has a high rank. This is important because most people never click past the first page of search results. Your dealership needs to be listed at the top when a potential customer is looking for the vehicles you sell, or you face the possibility of losing them to your competitors.

You gain credibility — People searching for any product feel a company is credible if listed first on a search result. They believe that the search engines would not put your company high on their search results if you didn’t have the products or services the customer is searching to find.

You become an authority — People are not only searching for cars, but they are also looking for information on how a feature works, or how to customize an infotainment screen to their liking. If your dealership creates “how-to” videos and uses SEO to put them at the top of the search page you will become a recognized authority for the cars you sell. That reputation can be invaluable and will bring you customers.

You can keep track of your customers — Google and other search engines have analysis algorithms that allow you to learn a lot about your customers when they search for you. You can see whether your customers are primarily using mobile devices, how much traffic you are getting from social media, where the customer is located, and much more. Take advantage of these analytic programs — it will help you spend your advertising budget where it best suits your market.

You increase organic traffic — SEO is most concerned with optimizing “organic” or non-paid traffic. More highly ranked organic search traffic means customers you are not using advertising dollars to reach. Proper use of SEO gets you to the top of the search results regardless of whether the customer is looking for a specific make or model, or where to get parts for their car. Organic traffic is critical to keeping your dealership strong, and SEO optimization will get you that traffic.

Strong SEO beats your competition — The plain fact is that you want to be first on search engine results, and you need a strong SEO plan to consistently remain there. Your website needs to be carefully organized, optimized for mobile devices, and kept current and active with blogging and other features.

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