Where’s the Beef?

Where’s the Beef?

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If you were old enough to view television in the 1980s, you may remember an advertisement Wendy’s ran called “Where’s The Beef?” The ad featured a lady who ordered a cheeseburger. Her friends join her and admire the size and fluffiness of the buns. To their surprise, they open the bun and find a wimpy and relatively small beef patty.

Are your advertising dollars getting results?

Where's the Beef?

In marketing, I find this from time to time when performing a digital evaluation for new clients. I ask questions like:

  • Who is your current agency
  • How long have they been servicing your account? 
  • What kind of budget are you running? 

And oddly enough, I’m not seeing a client receive the level of service and results with the budget and time they’ve spent with their current agency.

Here’s an example: I have a client who had been using the same agency for over two years. The agency was doing SEO, paid search, display, FB/Instagram, writing content, posting organically, reputation management, mailers, and email campaigns. The client has an adequate budget and is paying the agency a decent fee to perform these services.

With that information, I do some investigating, and to my surprise, I ask Where’s The Beef

Here are some of the things I do when investigating an account:

Google AdWords Preview Tool –  Enter the zip code of the location served and type in a common search term that a client would use. For example, if it’s a flower shop then use “flower shop near me” and I look at the position of the ad and the ad copy. Ad copy is a sales letter that addresses the possible objections a customer might have. It also highlights key features and benefits the customer will receive by making a purchase. 

Google AdWords

Website HTML Title Tags and Meta Descriptions – This is how your website communicates to Google on how to index your business based on brands, products, services, and locations served.

Website HTML Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Facebook Ad Library – You can run up to 50 paid ads at a time. So if you operate a business that has multiple products and services, it is a best practice to run ads for each of those segments. You can also target specific audiences for each ad. 

This goes for any account large or small

This reminds me of the first success I had running tier 2 advertising for a large automotive client in which the results produced a massive YoY increase in sales. Why? Because I was transparent about everything that I did and did everything I said I was going to do. I wanted to wow the client in such a way that they would never want to do business with any other agency. Two things made the campaign so successful.

 1. I listened to what the client wanted to see in the creative.

 2. I did all of the heavy lifting for the client. 

The creative in an advertisement can be one of those things that make or break a campaign. Boring creatives will not produce results. Thought-provoking creatives will give you a YoY increase. I gave the client what they wanted. For the heavy lifting part, this client had over 100 accounts that needed to sign up for the campaign. Instead of making them and their team do it, I did it. Yes, that’s right! I enrolled the entire region on their behalf. I called every one of the accounts; introduced myself; explained what the campaign was for; and how much their contribution was to participate. There was a lot of effort on my part to get this accomplished, but I completed it in a week and the client wasn’t burdened with this task. 

Leading up to the campaign, I kept the client informed of every step we had to take. When the campaign was live, I provided the client with daily reporting, something no other agency would do. After the campaign was complete, I traveled to the client and provided them with an in-person recap of the campaign, allowing them to provide feedback and come up with a strategy on how to improve future campaigns.

We discovered that the previous handful of agencies with whom they had previously conducted business didn’t do any of the aforementioned activities. They would sell the big bun and the region wouldn’t have much to show for it except a small beef patty. 

Anytime you are investing hard-earned money to grow your business please make sure you’re doing it with an agency that has your company’s best interest in mind. In my experience, I have seen agencies promise the moon to a client, do whatever it takes to get the account, and then once they have the business, the effort is out the window. 

At DigiSphere Marketing, we take tremendous pride in our clients and we genuinely believe that the client’s success is our success. We do the work we say we’re going to do. If you would like us to perform a free evaluation for your business please send me a note: justin@digispheremarketing.com


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