Big Tip Tuesday Episode 1

Big Tip Tuesday Episode 1

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Today we released our first episode in our Big Tip Tuesday series where we educate dealers on digital marketing in today’s ever-changing space.Below is the video and transcription of the video.

Welcome to our premier video in a new series of educational videos called Big Tip Tuesday!

My name is Catherine Ponomarenko and I am the Director of Managed Services for DigiSphere Marketing based out of sunny Sarasota, Florida!

I have been heading up SEO teams for the last five years building upon the strategies of our CEO Chris Burns who has been an expert in the SEO field for nearly 12 years!

In today’s video I’ll be providing SEO TIPS in an episode we call back to basics.

First off, let me start by addressing why I’m speaking to you today, and why you will be seeing a lot more from not only me but also from my colleagues at DigiSphere Marketing as we continue to roll out content this year.

We are well aware that there are a lot of companies in the industry charging for SEO services. You and I both know that price ranges vary wildly. We have seen them range from $499 up to $3,000 or more depending on which vendor you talk to.

How does one explain that kind of disparity in pricing? Is there really a higher tear of professionals that are doing some kind hyper-effective magic bullet tactics? We think you are smart enough to answer that question for yourselves!

We have silently watched many of the larger vendors put out Digital Marketing content, in particular, SEO related content, in an attempt to be seen as an “expert” on the topic. Sadly dealers are only getting information from those that have the loudest microphone and it’s no coincidence that these are also the people charging on the high end for their services.

We are going to rectify that this year! You will now have a new source of actual expert information and more importantly, truth without any fluff, spin, or hype behind it!

Now when we talk about SEO one thing is true. It always has been and it always will be true. You won’t get lasting success from your SEO efforts without doing the basics. And sadly the basics really do require a human being to achieve maximum results.

What are the SEO basics that we will be covering in future videos for you?

  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization or Link Building
  • Disavow Campaigns
  • Local Citations
  • How to Measure Success

For today’s video I’m just going to talk about the basics of automotive SEO and the single truth that I just mentioned, you have to do the work to get the best results!

Now most of the vendors are covering 80% or more of the on-page optimization for their website platforms by automating the generation of on-page elements such as Meta title tags, Meta description tags, Meta keyword tags, and often even H1 tags. While this is far better than doing nothing or using boilerplate duplicate content for these items, but it still can’t compare to a human actually using their brain power to handcraft these elements for you.

Every true SEO firm knows that this is the best way, so why do they try to automate it so heavily in our industry? Well, like everything else big companies do, automating removes humans, which removes cost. By automating these basic elements of the SEO process, it saves the company money. They have to hire fewer people and dedicate manpower of their existing workforce to each individual website they optimize. This means bigger profits for the company! But does it mean it’s good for the dealer? NO! It’s not!

I’m not here blaming the vendors for this. In fact, there is a lot of blame in our industry to go around when it comes to the reason behind why vendors have to cut corners to survive. There are manufacturers working with third-party certifiers that take a percentage of the profit and negotiate ridiculously low margin deals for certified vendors. This is essentially forcing any company with a manufacturer endorsement to normalize and automate everything. Sadly, this is the only way it make financial sense for them to do business.

Because of this there is a huge need for vendors like DigiSphere Marketing that are not handcuffed by these horrible deals and are able to operate with more margin, allowing us the ability to do more manual labor for our customers and get them better results, and on top of that, for less money!

What we advocate is having a live person that has a history, background, and deep understanding of the SEO strategy, the customer needs, and the most valuable keywords to target. Some pages are impossible to manually craft some of the Meta tags on since they are dynamically generated by the CMS of the website provider. however, most web providers do allow crafting of dynamic Meta tags using variables. Even this being done manually will be far better than using their standard SEO template for these pages.

The basics of SEO never change. They may be enhanced or tweaked, but in a decade they have NEVER changed!

Everyone in the industry likes to chase fads, buzzwords, and all kinds of shiny new things to call SEO… this allows them to charge you more because of the perceived value of it, however, I am here to today to tell you that the ONLY thing you should be paying for is the hard work that it takes to manually optimize a site and to manually build only high quality, relevant backlinks.

In fact, time and time again we have had to tell our clients NOT to engage in many of these fly by night.. quick ranking schemes because all they are doing is trying to manipulate some loophole that people have found in search engine ranking algorithms. The search engines have gained a lower and lower tolerance for these types of practices over time. We are at a point now where they penalize parts of a website or even remove an entire website URL from their index as a penalty for trying to abuse these loopholes.

This is why we have always had success with every client we have ever worked with. While it may not be as fast as we would want, profit-producing results are always consistent and lasting with our time-tested and 100% white hat approach to SEO implementation.

Keep watching our video series because we are going to dive into the details of exactly what you need to know in order to manage your current SEO vendor better to get the most of out of Search Engine Optimization services for your dealership.

Stay tuned and we’ll teach you what the basics of each aspect of SEO for your dealership are. We’ll show you how to find out if you are getting them from your current vendor, what you should be paying for these services, and how to measure success.

Once we feel we have fully covered the core of the SEO services, we will dive into other digital marketing services such as

  • Social Media Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Performance

and all of the complicated aspects of automotive SEM (Search Engine Marketing) also known as PPC (Pay Per Click)marketing.

I hope you enjoyed this video, please leave me comments and let me know what your thought are and even what you want to hear from us in the future.

Until next time that’s it from us here at DigiSphere Marketing… Digi Out!


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