Big Tip Tuesday Episode 5

Video Transcripts:

Hello, my name is Chris burns I’m the CEO of Digisphere Marketing. I wanted to do a quick video came away from NADA & had an interesting experience where I met a gentleman who is with a certain SEO vendor… and when I asked him why he was with this vendor the only answer he could give me was that he did a really cool presentation… the person that convinced him to go with the vendor, and when I started to ask him about results and reporting he couldn’t answer any of my questions. I followed up with him and we actually looked at his reporting and determined that well it might be awesome to give a great presentation… what really matters is giving great RESULTS.

I wanted to talk about what you should look for in an Automotive SEO vendor as far as reporting and results. The first thing you’re gonna want to do is get reporting that’s looking at comparative results. Typically what we do when we meet with our accounts is we go over the reporting for a month and compare that month to the previous month which is good in the short term. You also want to look at that month compared to the same month for the previous year. Everything that we’re gonna talk about is looking through the lens of comparative reporting like that. This is how you’re gonna measure results!

What do you want to look at is organic traffic coming from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You want to look at that traffic specifically. It should be increasing month over month and year over year.

Obviously you want to look at the keywords themselves I’ve looked at keyword tracking from other vendors and I noticed that what they’re tracking is keywords that are very easy to rank for. They’re looking at core terms in your primary market area. What we’re really targeting are the areas around you because nine times out of ten you’re already ranking in your own backyard. You need to go a little further. You’re doing Automotive Paid Search in those areas so why aren’t you focusing on getting organic traffic from those areas as well.

We’re talking about conquest seeing your competitors and getting more aggressive with your Search Engine Optimization. In your keyword reporting you want to see keywords that include just GEO specific cities that are outside the city that you’re dealerships physically located in but are close enough to you that people would actually make the drive to purchase a car.

You want to look at lease terms for your core models. You want to look for finance, service, parts, and people looking for specials & incentives. All of those terms should be in your keyword reporting and not just for those local searches to you but also for the surrounding areas. We like to get further and further out as we go. We conquest your local market first, once you’re in first position for the keywords that we want to rank for in your local market we start going aggressively after the surrounding areas and obviously we attack the biggest ones first.

What do you want to look for in reporting you want to look at the bounce rate because if you’re getting relevant traffic to your site your bounce rate should be decreasing. A bounce indicates somebody who came to your site, didn’t click into another page so they bounced right off. They landed on a page, left without looking at anything further. In organic search, typically we want to see a very low bounce rate. Something below 30%, and we want to see the bounce rate decrease over time.

Pages per session is another thing that you want to look at an organic search. If people aren’t bouncing they’re looking at more pages. We want to see that people are actually doing research, they’re looking at different vehicles, and are looking through your specials pages. You know, maybe they’re looking at your parts department and they drill down into service and then they drill down into scheduling a service appointment. Those are multiple pages that are per session. That’s what we want to see increasing!

The most important thing of all that you want to look at are conversions! with more traffic you should be getting more conversions month-over-month. When we get a new client we set up Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics specifically to track all the real conversions that you should be tracking in your site. We’re not tracking directions page visits as a conversion okay, we’re tracking form completions, we’re tracking when someone clicks on your mobile site to click to call, when someone’s chatting with you we want to know how many people are chatting we want to know how many of those chats were converted into leads and sent into your CRM. Those are real conversions! We want to see that those conversions are increasing over time month over month and year over year.

Yes… so with all that being said, I just wanted to bring it back to… it’s really fun to go to a convention and see a presentation but when you get home, you should really be looking at your results. DigiSphere Marketing is providing results month over month for our dealerships and we would like to talk to you about looking at your reporting. Looking at your entire digital marketing strategy and giving you a Free Digital Evaluation of your business. We look at your website conversion methods, search engine optimization, your paid search strategies, and how that compares to what your competitors are doing and spending. We look at your reputation online and what you’re doing on social media and how your social strategy is performing. Are you getting engagement from the people that follow you on each of the major social platforms?

If you’re interested in that, email me at or give me a call at 1-800-807-4079. I’ll leave a link in the description of the video on YouTube where you can simply click and give me your information. We’ll do the full digital evaluation and it takes ten minutes to go over with you, you can have it. Until next time that’s Chris burns with DigiSphere Marketing, Digi Out!