Big Tip Tuesday PPC What To Track

Big Tip Tuesday PPC What To Track

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Below is the video of our Director of Paid Search, James Murray speaking about what to track and watch out for when it comes to Automotive PPC. Below the video is a bullet point break down of the content in the video.

What to Track for PPC

In Google Adwords

Quality Score

  • Higher Score = Lower CPC
  • Keeps Your Keywords Relevant to Search Terms
  • Keeps Your Ads Relevant to Keywords
  • Keeps Your Landing Pages Relevant to Ads

Impression Share

  • Your Ads Get Seen More
  • Your Competition Ads Get Seen Less
  • Impression Share Lost to Quality
  • Follow the Effect of Quality Score on Ad/Keyword Visibility
  • Use to Optimize or Remove Under/Non Performing Keywords/Ads


  • Which Ads/Keywords are Driving Clicks
  • Use with on-site Metrics to help Determine Keyword/Ad/Landing Page Relevance
  • CTR with On-Site Conversions is a Good Set of Metrics to Watch for Ad A/B Tests

In Google Analytics


  • Obvious but Important
  • The RIGHT Goals Need to be Considered Conversions
  • Phone Calls, Form Submissions, Digital Coupon Presented, etc… are conversions. Visiting 4.5 pages per sessions may be a goal that informs a decision, but should not be a conversion.

Bounce Rate

  • Used to Determine Whether the Page is Working as Intended
  • Depending on the Page’s Desired Function a high Bounce or Low Bounce may be Desired Pages per Session
  • This Metric, Like Bounce Depends on Other Factors and Must Not Be Looked at Alone
  • High Pages per Session is good if the visitor was searching and browsing, bad though, if they were clicking through info pages endlessly looking for something specific.

Time on Page

  • Like the Two Previous Metrics this should also be looked at with the others, depending on desired outcomes, a high time on page will be good (think long form to fill out or search results to comb through) or bad. (Sometimes the same as good…like TOO MANY search results to go through or an information search that is taking far too long.)
  • The question of what to track, and why, really comes down to YOUR business and what actions mean the most to you for your business. There are certainly best practices to follow for tracking your PPC efforts, however, you really need to be sure to put YOUR BUSINESS goals out front here and focus on the metrics that mean the most to your organization.
  • So please, draw from this information, but be sure that your goals and tracking are custom built with your company needs in mind. Something we take pride in doing here at DigiSphere.


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