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In a Post Pandemic World “Things have changed”

As I look back to January 2020, I would have never imagined the series of events my life and the lives of those around me have endured.

It was winter in Ohio and I just sold the house my family and I had enjoyed for over a decade. We ended up closing on the 6th at a price just below our asking price. My household just experienced an unimaginable ride of “dad” leaving the beloved automotive industry of 20 years to become a restaurateur in a Columbus suburb, a dream my wife and I had for many years.

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Google Ads to Remove Average Position Metric

Google has announced starting September 30 they will be removing the average position (AP) metric from Google Ads. The “starting” statement was Google’s and implies that the metric will be removed from customer accounts over time. Regardless of the timing, we think it is a good idea to use new metrics that Google has introduced (see below).

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