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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a lot more than just worrying about the right keywords to link to your social media pages. It is also not about how the website copy looks or reads, though good spelling and grammar are important. The technical aspects of SEO are just as important, so let’s review some of the things we look for at DigiSphere Marketing.

Internal links are important for two reasons. First, they drive web traffic further into your site so you want to use them in your page content, not just in navigation. Second, and perhaps more important, internal links help search engines move through your site. Google says this helps PageRank by spreading page ranking signals throughout the site. What DigiSphere marketing does is create links for every page on your website somewhere else on the site, and use content-based links to move traffic to your most important pages. 

Another issue to look for is consistency in URLs. If you use trailing slashes on some pages and not others, it can create some confusion. Google states as a best practice you should be consistent in page trailing slashes. So whatever you choose to do, use the same technique on all pages and links within the site.

The next item on the list is the age of your domain name. Some people think an older domain name will cause a lower search engine result. Google says that is not true and it doesn’t matter how long you have been using your domain name when it comes to search rankings. There are lots of things to worry about, but this is not one of them.

Lastly, starting in September 2019 Google will not support robot.txt files containing noindex directives. DigiSphere Marketing will inspect your site and can use other tools to remove URLs from the index. For more information on robot.txt visit Google Support.

DigiSphere Marketing is a full-service digital marketing company. We provide services including pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, SEO, social media management, reputation management, website design, corporate franchising, and more. Contact us for more information at 800-807-4079.

Technical SEO Crash Course | DigiSphere Marketing

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