Find the Best Content for Your Dealership Facebook Page!

Regardless of whether you are a one-person operation or a large company, it’s a sure thing there is an audience waiting for you on Facebook. The hard part is getting their attention plus having content which sets you apart from the thousands of other car dealerships out there. This is where DigiSphere Marketing can help.

Facebook logs over two billion users per month, but not every post is going to get their attention. It is important to add video and photo content to get more attention. Here are some other tips to get the most out of your Facebook content:


  • Blogs matter. Leading Facebook companies use blogs both to update their customers and to keep their websites active. You can blog then link them to your Facebook account so customers will be driven to your website.
  • Pay attention to customer feedback. If customers are commenting or leaving questions on your Facebook page, take advantage of the opportunity. Create posts or blogs based on the questions you are receiving. Acknowledge both good and bad comments as opportunities to promote your company and recognize if you are making mistakes. What you don’t want to do is ignore customers who leave you feedback.
  • Use profile images which are recognizable for your company. You have a company image, so it’s important to use that image for Facebook. If you use a random picture or something that has no connection to your business, you will miss customers who may not connect that image to you. Don’t waste the opportunity by using the wrong images.
  • Use your competitors for inspiration. This does not mean copying what they do but rather take the good points you see and relate them to your business. If your competitors are using images of their products you can take advantage of that by offering photos of your product line around a promotion or blog which details the features of your products.
  • Hashtags can be valuable. Look at how other companies use hashtags to highlight their company, then learn how to use them to your advantage.
  • Offer promotions or contests. You may not have a product you can give away for free, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer a promotion from time to time.

If using Facebook to promote your dealership seems far more complicated than you want to deal with, DigiSphere Marketing can help. We can promote your business on Facebook and other social media platforms to grow your customer base. Contact us today at 800-807-4079 for more information!

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