Five Reasons Your Company Should Invest in a New Website

A website represents your company to the world through the Internet. Companies should spend more time thinking about how to make their website stand out. More and more people look at companies digitally before they ever set foot in the door, so take the time to make it attractive and having the right messages. Here are five reasons it may be time to invest in a new website:

The website doesn’t look good — This may be the most important thing to look for, because a visually unattractive website will either drive customers away or keep them from reading further. Studies have shown that a majority of customers judge a company based on the visual appeal of their website, and many won’t continue looking. Take the time to create a website which is visually appealing to bring in customers.

Automotive Websites

The website doesn’t work correctly on mobile devices — Many people use mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets to look at websites, and will not use sites which don’t respond correctly on their devices. Mobile devices use what is known as responsive web design to be viewed correctly, and your site needs to incorporate that feature or you risk losing viewers.

Your website attracts the wrong audience, or misses the one you need — Every company needs to decide who their key customers are and market to them, and that includes their website. If your website message isn’t connecting to the people you want as customers, then you are spending a lot of money for nothing.

Your website isn’t updated or appears abandoned — If you never add content to your website, change its look, or update its message, eventually customers will stop using it. Another downside to this is that stagnant websites are placed very low in search engine results, so prospective customers never see it.

Your website is not easy to find — Search engines are always changing their “rules” or algorithms for how they rank websites, and a current algorithm states a website should be friendly to mobile devices. This won’t guarantee a high search ranking alone, but if you don’t keep up with the search engines your site won’t appear. Another important issue is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which uses techniques to get the search engines attracted to your website. It also helps to have a friendly web page URL or name rather than something obscure that customers won’t remember.

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