Five Signs Your Dealership Needs a New Marketing Agency

Do you run an automotive dealership with lackluster sales or an unclear marketing message? Are you seeing a revolving door of marketing agency account managers with no idea how to market your business? It may be time to drop your current marketing agency and look for one better aligned with your business plans. But how do you know if this is the right thing to do? Here are five signs it might be time to cut the cord on your current agency.

Integrity is missing

A lack of integrity is a prime reason for dropping your agency. Do you see  multiple invoices for the same work? If so, does your agency immediately return the surplus funds? Or, are they waiting for you to catch the error and then making excuses about it? If you see this, you should be looking for another agency. Integrity is needed for you to trust your agency, but they are not the same (see below). The agency responsible for your marketing program should always operate above reproach. 

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You don’t trust them

This is connected to integrity mentioned above, but it is more than that. Trust is knowing your agency does the right things for your business even when it may not benefit theirs. You must trust that your agency isn’t working with one of your competitors to set you against them only to benefit the agency. Trust is seeing your agency calling you when there is a mistake by anyone and they take responsibility for correcting it before you hear about it yourself. Trust is having an agency that doesn’t make excuses but rather gets problems fixed ASAP. If you can’t trust your marketing agency go find one you can.

Too many promises but not delivering on them

If your marketing agency promises you success over and over but rarely delivers, you need to be looking for another agency. A good agency will set realistic goals for their marketing programs and then work hard to exceed those goals. Promises don’t sell cars, successful marketing does. That’s what an agency should be doing for your dealership, and if they aren’t you need to find another one.

No research to verify your marketing messages

Does your agency use the platforms they recommend for you? Do they use social media to review your account and verify the accuracy of your marketing messages? Do they access your information on mobile devices to make sure your dealership information is responsive to different platforms and software? Writing a bit of code, posting a few social media messages, or printing out a Google Adwords report is not marketing your dealership, it’s simply taking your money for lackluster performance. If you find your agency isn’t researching how to make you successful, you need to find another agency.

Lack of creativity

Your marketing agency should be creating new ideas for your dealership, not the other way around. If you find you are always saying “Let’s try something new” then you are working with the wrong agency. Your dealership should be occupying a unique position in your local marketing area, and your marketing agency should be responsible for developing programs to support that position. If you are doing this yourself you need another agency. You never want to hear your agency ask “What do you want to do next?”. 

How can DigiSphere Marketing help?

If any of these thoughts have triggered a light bulb in your brain, you need to come to DigiSphere Marketing and allow us to show you how we create digital marketing programs that take your dealership to the next level. We offer website development, SEO and SEM, social media management, pay-per-click, reputation management, direct mail marketing, and much more. For more information please call DigiSphere Marketing at 800-807-4079.

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