Google Ads to Remove Average Position Metric

Google Ads to Remove Average Position Metric

Google has announced starting September 30 they will be removing the average position (AP) metric from Google Ads. The “starting” statement was Google’s and implies that the metric will be removed from customer accounts over time. Regardless of the timing, we think it is a good idea to use new metrics that Google has introduced (see below).

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Along with that metric, the action will also disable:

  • Rules using AP
  • Custom columns using AP
  • Saved reports that filter with AP
  • Saved filters with AP

In addition, Google has indicated that the AP metric will be removed from:

  • Saved column sets
  • Saved reports having an AP column
  • Scorecards that use AP

What’s going on here?

Google has introduced two new metrics — top impression and absolute top impression. A top impression is any position within the top paid listings, and an absolute top impression is the first position on a search engine report page (SERP). As a result, Google feels that the new metrics give a clearer understanding of where a search listing will fall on a SERP, and therefore the average position metric is no longer needed.

To complement these new metrics, Google has also introduced “search top impression rate” and “search absolute top impression rate” that helps customers understand if their ads will reach either the top positions above organic search results or the absolute top position. For more information about these searches, visit

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