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How are Companies Using AI in Digital Marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already made a big splash in businesses’ digital marketing strategies this year. This goes for everything from advertising and recruitment to interfacing with customers. So, with all the developments, like ChatGPT, let’s explore the best ways businesses are using AI in 2023.

How are Companies Using AI in Digital Marketing?

Ways Companies Use AI in Digital Marketing


We’ll start with the now omnipresent chatbots because you’ve probably seen them several times. You’d be hard-pressed not to find an automotive dealership, medical office, or service business without the “chat person” in the bottom corner of the page. This tool has become so common because it takes pressure off traditional customer support (i.e., phone support), and allows folks to ask questions about your business faster. These have been around a few years, are increasingly helpful even in social media, and become more sophisticated all the time. Utilized properly, they can reduce the burden on your customer service staff.

Content Creation

The ChatGPT software gives web creators, writers, and even college students new potential for efficient content creation. As we mentioned in our last article on AI content, Google doesn’t punish users for employing an AI-assisted approach to web content creation. Therefore, it’s another way to make more advertising material with far less effort.

Image Recognition

It’s now easier than ever to use photos to find things online. This would have seemed unimaginable just a decade or two earlier, but customers can upload pictures of products they want. Then. business websites can identify them and configure their merchandise offerings accordingly. We’ve seen versions of this in various retail businesses, and doctor’s offices and you can even use image recognition to detect license plates.

Hiring & Talent Acquisition

Don’t forget that a vital part of marketing involves attracting employees, too. AI makes this way easier now. Have you seen how much more “teched-up” job sites like Indeed and Monster are nowadays? Most of the old bureaucracy required to post jobs and process applications has been eliminated or streamlined thanks to AI. One example involves using software to sift through resumes to locate important keywords related to whatever position you’re trying to fill.

Those are a few of the most recognizable AI-marketing trends in 2023. Stay tuned for more developments since industry experts expect this to continue for advertising, website design, and many other commercial mechanisms.

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