How to Avoid These Six Facebook Ad Mistakes

How to Avoid These Six Facebook Ad Mistakes

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Facebook advertising can be one of the fastest and most effective ways to grow your business, promote your brand, or raise awareness for a cause. It’s a powerful way to kickstart things, but do you know how to avoid these six Facebook ad mistakes?

Making Changes Too Frequently

Facebook gives you a multitude of ways you can tinker with your ad campaigns, which is a blessing, but if mis-used, can be a curse. If you succumb to the temptation to change too much too frequently, how could you possibly tell what works? Part of advertising is what’s called the “learning phase.” You should not want to skip this because then you will not understand your audience and inevitably frustrate your efforts.

Spreading Your Budget Too Thin

Since Facebook is programmed to target the most cost-effective customers with your advertising budget, you might run into some problems if you try to continue an ad campaign on an existing audience along with a new one on a speculative audience. You could miss out on the newer audience if those clicks cost more and Facebook tends to avoid targeting the pricier clicks.

Forgetting Your Off-Facebook Funnel

You will want to augment your Facebook campaigns with other tactics as well. This could include a funnel on your landing page, a members-only area on your website, or even free community events. Remember, Facebook is the lead, not the destination.

Sending Your Visitors To A Landing Page That Doesn’t Work

A landing page is where your potential customer gets taken after clicking an ad. If it doesn’t work because of a technical problem, they WILL NOT get to the final product you are trying to sell.

Targeting a Huge Audience

It might sound like a good idea to cast a wide net to get a larger ROI, but this defeats the purpose of targeted advertising. Your specialized niche determines who to target, which is not going to be everybody. The more you target Facebook users who are not in your buyer demographic, the more you’ll waste money advertising.

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