Launch a Successful PPC Campaign with These Steps

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a key part of your company’s SEO strategy because it offers immediate results in bringing potential customers to your website and ultimately to your bottom line as new sales. It is also an important way to build an identity for your brand or products and should not be ignored when looking at your marketing budget. Here are some elements to consider when looking at your next PPC campaign:

Research your keywords — Keywords are what connect potential customers to your website, because these are the words you identify that best describe your product or business, thereby telling the search engines when to display your ads. Getting keywords right makes the difference between showing up first on a search result or never being seen. What should you do to make keywords work for you?

  • Be specific with your keywords
  • Look at your competitors and see how their keywords are working for them
  • Figure out your best customer targets and design keywords so they see your ads
  • Use keywords that describe all parts of your business, not just your landing page. Look further down the buying process to capture more customers.

Your call to action needs to draw a customer in — Your ad has to catch the attention of a customer so they click on it and move to your site. But it needs to do more — it must tell them why they need your product, and your website needs to deliver what the ad promises. So take the time to create a good Call To Action (CTA). Make sure the ad matches your landing page, and it is even better to include a link to chat, fill out a contact form, or gives a phone number so they can call.

Have the correct landing page and optimize it — Make sure the landing page connected to an ad matches the ad content — there is nothing more frustrating to customers than clicking on an ad that takes them to an irrelevant page. Also, make sure your landing page is optimized for mobile devices. Most people today are searching for your product on a mobile device and your landing page must appear correctly on their device or they won’t look further.

Make sure to test everything — When your ad is up and running you can’t simply stop and wait for customers to come to you. Track the performance of your ad and test it to make sure it is providing results. One way to do this is with A/B tests. Place two ads with one small difference either in the CTA or a keyword. You can then review both ads for a time and eliminate the less effective one. Repeating this process will refine your ad and give you the best results for your money. Keep checking and don’t let your ad or website get stale.

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