Mobile Automotive Marketing is Key

In today’s digital era, you can’t ignore mobile. Mobile can be considered the most important part of modern marketing. This is because smartphones are a way of life. Next time you’re in a public space, take a look around. Most people will likely be using their smartphone, holding their smartphone, or their smartphone will be in their pocket or on the table in front of them.

Person on Phone

Because people are always on their smartphones, creating marketing content with mobile devices in mind can be a successful tactic. People use their smartphones often because these phones are small, transportable, and easy to use. Smartphones are used to make decisions, learn, discover, compare, analyze, solve problems, and entertain.

If you own an automotive dealership, you should consider mobile marketing. A mobile marketing campaign should weave into your online presence. Digital advertising is an important investment because consumers use technology during every step of the automotive life cycle. Whether you’re advertising your new or used vehicles, your maintenance services, or buying and trade-in offers, there is likely a consumer interested in these services using technology to discover more information.

There are several approaches you can take with your digital and mobile marketing campaigns. The first is spark. This is when something pops into your head because of something you saw. Paid searches and SEO will come in handy with the spark approach. A car buyer may not be thinking about a new vehicle purchase, but a paid search or SEO can inspire them to think about it. Next is urgent need. If a car owner has a problem with their vehicle, they will likely perform an internet search for help. This is where your website can become a search result, guiding consumers to your dealership. In-store assistance is another key part of mobile or digital marketing. Your campaign should point consumers to your location, whether you are encouraging them to shop your inventory in person or come in for a trade-in value.

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