This New GMB Feature Might Create Problems for Car Dealerships

One digital channel a dealership has is a listing with Google My Business (GMB). Google recently announced that it can now pull information about a business from Facebook. This may sound like a good idea, but it can be a problem for a dealership if their information on either platform is not up-to-date or optimized.

Google Headquarters

It appears that Google may use this technique to fill in incomplete data on a business listing in GMB. That’s where the problems can occur. If a business hasn’t looked at Facebook or other sources to ensure their information is correct, their GMB listing will be populated with data that could be in error or even take a customer to a wrong place or person. Some other reasons dealerships need to correct their business information include:

  • Having a consistent and correct name, address, and telephone number (NAP) information improves your dealership’s SEO accuracy and search ranking, particularly for local searches
  • Taking the time to update across all platforms decreases the likelihood that Google will pull incorrect information into your GMB profile

The process of getting your GMB information consistent with other platforms is called optimization, and it is valuable because:

  • Correct business information means better search results
  • It provides you better customer tracking because you can see results for GMB phone calls, visits to your website, and location searches
  • You can quickly connect with customers who are ready to buy your vehicles

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