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Automotive dealerships have traditionally used TV, radio, and print advertising to market themselves. In today’s digital world those channels may not be enough. Younger car buyers have looked at your dealership, vehicle inventory, and reviews about you before they ever set foot in the door. In the same way, social media presence is making a much bigger impact on current and prospective customers. You need to transform your social media presence if you aren’t currently paying attention to it.

Telling the story is key — You have to have a clear story why your dealership is preferred to others. Make it clear and simple; the attention span of mobile users is a few seconds, not a minute or two. Make sure your message is seen without audio, as many users will view your posts in places where the audio must be turned off. Also, it is crucial to make your social media messages viewable and compatible with mobile devices — that’s what most people use today rather than a computer.

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Transform the story for today’s world — In the old days, a few management types might sit and decide what the advertising story would be. First of all, those folks may not understand the impact of social media. Secondly, if they aren’t looking at their social media presence then the dissatisfied few who have negative experiences can overwhelm any positive messages you are getting on social media platforms. Empower your employees to be your ambassadors by giving them a positive workplace, then encourage them to talk about it with friends, family, and on-line. That positive message will quickly drown out the occasional naysayer. Also, trust experts like DigiSphere Marketing to understand how to convey your dealership message to social media platforms.

Get the boost going — You can’t just put social media posts out there and expect them to gain traction on their own. Be prepared to spend a little money getting your social media experts to boost them. You can also get your employees involved by offering a weekly gift certificate to a local coffee shop or deli for the employee who puts the best post online about your dealership.

If you are looking for the experts to help you transform your social media presence, DigiSphere Marketing is here and ready to help. Social media has no hard and fast rules, so we use a variety of tactics to get your dealership name out there and then keep it current and relevant with ongoing blogging and updates. DigiSphere Marketing knows social media marketing — contact us today for a consultation at 800-807-4079.

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