Understanding the What and Why of Retargeting for Your Dealership

You may see retargeting in your social media interactions without realizing it occurs. As an example, you may go shopping online for a new coffee pot. You don’t buy anything but rather go to a sports page to check hockey scores, then you leave that to check your Facebook feed. There in front of you is an advertisement for the coffee pot you had pondered earlier. This is retargeting at work. Why is it important to auto dealers?

Research has shown that only 2% of site visitors will take action on a car the first time they visit. The rest may have an interest in your brand but for many reasons aren’t ready to become customers. According to J.D. Power, customers spend an average of 13 hours over five weeks looking at cars before they make a decision. Retargeting allows you to keep ads in front of that customer after they are done looking at your site by placing a cookie on their computer or mobile device. It provides a way to refresh a potential customer’s memory that they looked at your site and perhaps even at specific models.

ad retargeting from digisphere marketing

Studies have shown that customers who receive retargeting ads are ten times more likely to click back to your site through the ad. That’s a significant improvement over a random customer who may find your site through an organic search.

Retargeting is only successful if it connects directly to a customer’s previous site activity. If they looked at a specific make and model on your dealer site, then the retargeting ad should mention that vehicle. Also, the retargeting ad should mention your dealership name and contact information. It’s a wasted opportunity to retarget them without stating things such as:

  • Your dealership name
  • Contact information (in case they don’t click through)
  • Special offers
  • Time-limited incentives

Also, once a potential customer clicks through the retargeting ad, make sure they are directed to a page specific to that ad, not just your dealership landing page. A retargeting ad for a specific pickup truck should go to a dealer inventory page for that truck, or at least to the model information page. 

This is where DigiSphere Marketing can help. We can design your dealership site with the technology needed to create retargeting advertising after your potential customers leave your page. Don’t miss this opportunity to pull customers away from your competition — call DigiSphere Marketing at 800-807-4079.

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