We Can Resolve These Common SEO Problems

If you manage your company’s website and aren’t totally familiar with the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you are not alone. Many companies develop their own websites to save some money, then wonder why they aren’t getting new customers through their website. The reason may simply be the website has problems which cause Google and other search engines to downrate the site or even ignore it. DigiSphere Marketing can help resolve these issues and get your website noticed by the search engines. Let’s look at some common SEO problems you may not know.

Search Engine Optimization

Poor Content

The content of your site needs to be relevant both to your business but also to the page title, keywords linked to the page, and the meta description. If you simply load the page with a lot of content not relative to how you describe it, the search engines won’t like it and customers won’t return for another look.

Excessive Advertising

It’s always good to advertise your business and product offerings. However, too much of it on a website can penalize you. If customers immediately see pop-up ads, or a lot of advertising “above the fold” before the page content starts, you can suffer on your search engine rankings.

Duplicate Content

Copying content from other websites is a SEO no-no. It’s a misconception that copying others will make your website more popular. It won’t, and customers won’t see you in the search engine results if you do it. Also, be careful if you allow others to post content on your website and you don’t carefully check it. If they are copying from others, and you don’t review their submissions and catch it, you can suffer the same SEO penalty.

Keyword Relevancy

It’s popular for website owners to coin keywords to describe their content, but not all keywords are relevant to the search engines. If you aren’t using keywords correctly, or checking that the search engines like them, your website may get missed.

These are just a few of the many SEO issues plaguing websites today. If you aren’t ready to attack them yourself, contact DigiSphere Marketing in Sarasota, FL and let us review your website and offer you options for managing your site. Contact us today at 800-807-4079.