Your Dealership and Its Online Reputation

You may consider online guest reviews of your dealership a low priority not needing your attention or reply. This couldn’t be further from the truth, because all opinions are important and managing them needs to be an integral part of your customer service program. Here is why:

Customers like to be heard — when you respond to a customer review, good or bad, it tells them that they are important to you and are being heard. This improves customer satisfaction, particularly if a concern gets addressed promptly.

Your public perception will improve — When customers and prospects see your dealership is taking time to respond to reviews, their perception of you will improve as they see you take an active role in your dealership and customer opinions.

Reputation Management Review example from DigiSphere Marketing

Online reputations are important — Prospective customers will often visit you digitally before they arrive at your door, and reading reviews of your dealership is a normal part of that search. Your reputation is important online and needs attention like any part of your marketing program.

If social media is something you haven’t been paying much attention, DigiSphere Marketing can assist you to improve your social media interaction. Here are a few things we can do for your dealership as part of our program:

Respond promptly to all customers — A quick response to customers shows them and prospective customers you are actively engaged with customers and your social media presence.

Make sure all comments are appreciated — We ensure that all comments, good or bad, are appreciated with a “thank you”. Customers have taken their time to give you feedback and it should be recognized.

Bring you complaints for resolution — We will always advise you if a customer complaint is registered. We will work with you to give any complaints a prompt reply.

Always respond to positive reviews — Positive reviews not only balance an occasional negative one, but also deserve a response. Customers want to be recognized for giving you positive feedback, so we ensure this happens.

Always maintain a positive and professional presence on social media — Your reputation is critical to your dealership, so we will always present your business as positive and professional.

Contact DigiSphere Marketing today and let us show you how to make reputation management and social media marketing an integral part of your dealership marketing plan. You can reach us at 800-807-4079!