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When your car dealership needs to dominate the market, you need DigiSphere Marketing. From responsive website design to search engine marketing and more – our website development and digital marketing team is here to help your dealership simply do one thing: sell more cars. We do that by driving high volume, targeted traffic to your responsive website that users will love. Oh, and you’ll fall in love with our dedicated support team. We guarantee it.


With 25% of online searches being done on mobile devices, can your dealership afford to miss out on those potential sales? And with 70% of mobile searches leading to action within just one hour, it’s crucial that you give them the best user experience you can…or they may just go to your competitor. Request your FREE digital evaluation today. You’ll discover:

  • A 15+ Page Highly-Detailed Analysis
  • A FREE 1 Hour Consultation W/ Our Experts
  • Information on our Performance Lead Guarantee
  • Why You Should Never Use a Website Template


We build websites that perform. We don’t have long-term contracts, our customers keep us on because we
provide results and help them sell more cars!

  • Google Endorsed Technology – Fully responsive websites are very mobile-friendly
  • Best of breed Search Engine Optimization – complete with semantic markup
  • Highly user-friendly (keep your bounce rates low and conversions high!)
  • Easy to maintain – Whether we do it, you do it, or you hire someone else to maintain it, your website will be easy for anyone to keep up to date.
  • Highest Converting – Our sites are built for conversion. By keeping things as simple as possible for the user, A/B testing, and years of experience with conversion theory, we provide sites that work for you!

Search Engine Optimization is the process of manipulating off-page and on-page website elements in order to rank a dealer’s website higher on Google and other search engine results for targeted keywords. Google has the largest market share of searches online and they also have the most complicated ranking algorithms. DigiSphere Marketing is connected in the SEO community and we stay on top of all changes and developments in the SEO world. Our proven expertise has helped many dealerships rank organically at the top of Google, which is bringing them a constant source of exclusive, qualified sales leads on a daily basis. With our managed SEO services, we will take your dealership to new heights online.

DigiSphere Marketing embraces developments in web design including HTML 5 and responsive car dealer websites. Responsive designs are designs that are fluid, meaning that they are built to expand, contract and resize images based upon the browser we detect that is viewing the website. Responsive designs allow our new dealer websites to perform well and look great whether the user is browsing your site from a desktop, tablet, laptop, retina-ready display, or mobile device.

The best part of a responsive fluid design for car dealer websites is that dealers no longer need mobile websites. Mobile sites tend to have completely different content and navigation. With a

responsive design all users will have full access to all of your content every time. You will not have to support two separate websites and two sets of inventory thanks to Automotive Responsive Websites from DigiSphere Marketing!


Car dealers are operating in a competitive market. The last thing any car dealer needs when trying to stand out from the competition is a templated website that looks like every other car dealer website. It’s vitally important that your website sets you apart from your competition and offers something more than the average car dealer website.


  • Our sites convert more traffic than template sites from our major competitors
  • Our sites are flexible and can be changed without incurring annoying fees like our major competitors
  • Our staff is here to help. We super-serve our clients and our staff is actively engaging your internet team to keep your site up to date and pushing the envelope. Change requests happen within 24 hours, not weeks!

It’s not just the looks that auto dealers need to be different, it’s also the flexibility. The automotive industry is ever-changing. New specials, advertisements, and manufacturer incentives are always coming up. Any dealership that has embraced the web is always trying to find new and exciting ways to utilize their website for more sales leads. We understand that in order to stay competitive, we need to ensure that our dealerships have the flexibility to change their sites on the fly. This is why we have the most customizable dealership platform on the market today. You will never be told that your website isn’t built to do something you want to do, as is so often the case with our competition. We give you all the tools to be as hands-on as you feel comfortable with. With dealer websites from DigiSphere Marketing you will be able to easily:

  • Add, change, or remove specials (such as new car specials, used car specials, service specials, and parts specials)
  • Update your banner ads at will
  • Upload images to your banners and content pages
  • Add, change, or remove content pages
  • Add, change, or remove menu items
  • Update your integrated blog at will
  • Upload videos to your dealership website
  • Add, remove, or change employees and sort them into categories such as managers, sales, parts, and service
  • Modify your lead capture forms by creating, removing, or changing any fields necessary

These are some of the most common functionalities that our dealers perform using dealer websites provided by DigiSphere Marketing.


Our dealer websites are built from the ground up with Automotive SEO in mind. We perform every on-page SEO factor possible for your website. Other providers will only optimize your home page and will often use duplicate content and meta tags for the rest of your site. This is doing a huge disservice to your entire online campaign! At DigiSphere Marketing, we take care to optimize each and every page as if it was its own, complete website. We focus each page for a target set of keywords and optimize the content, images, and meta tags to focus on these keywords. By the time we are done, your website will be set to rank very well for a huge number of keywords on Google and other major search engines.


The ultimate goal of any website is to convert your visitors into qualified sales leads. We have years of experience and have tested many methods of designing Automotive websites that maximize conversions. Using the proper calls to action, we help you convert the maximum number of your site’s visitors into new leads for your car dealership.

Our leads are sent to the designated parties in your dealership, and an ADF/XML lead is also provided to your CRM vendor so that they can be automatically imported into your CRM in real-time as leads come in through your dealer website. With our finance lead forms. you will have pre-qualified exclusive leads on a daily basis being delivered to your dealership.

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