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Corporate Franchise Websites

Most franchises make the fatal mistake of not allowing their franchisee to have their own online presence. It’s very typical to see a corporate franchise website with just a location page for the franchisee. 

At DigiSphere Marketing we have found great success by utilizing a corporate marketing program that includes the ability for the franchisee to have their own “microsite” within the main franchise website. Those that don’t participate in the corporate marketing program get a standard one page location page of their own so that they can at least have their basic info and something to link their Google My Business page to.

Those that do participate in the corporate marketing program will get a full fledged “microsite” that will allow them to have a fully functional multi page website of their own contained within the corporate site. This allows them to have their own home page, about us page, Events page, Instagram feed of photos, social media accounts, and much more. 

We have implemented this methodology for franchises in various fields such as Woman’s Clothing Boutiques, Fitness Chain, and multiple restaurant franchises. 

The difference in performance for your franchisee is amazing. A Micro site gets more than 600 times the traffic of a single page landing page on a corporate franchise website! The added benefit to the franchise is that all that additional traffic is flowing through your corporate site which will increase your authority with all major search engines, making it easier for the main franchise site to rank better for things that important to the franchise, providing even more franchise leads for corporate to sell more franchises too!

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