Targeted to drill down into your business to customers actively looking for your products or services.

Reach new customers who don’t know your business exists or existing customers who might be interested in new promos through targeted email marketing.

Get your brand,
product or service

out there..

Retain Customers

Quality and effective email marketing retain customers when it comes to benefiting them with promos and coupons.

Brand Recognition

Regularly communicate with your targeted audience directly in their inbox to keep your brand top of mind.

Drive Traffic

Send traffic to your website with some Call-to-Action buttons that will engage the audience to convert.

Trackable Metrics

Track performance and metrics to help measure the results and adjust future email campaigns to maximize ROI.

Learn more about your audience by improving targeted email marketing to drive better results for your business.

Keep Your Customers Informed

Let your customers know about promotions, discounts, and special offers by keeping them engaged and interested. In return, happy customers will want to come back for more which helps increase customer retention.

Improve Sales

Email Marketing Campaigns allow you to showcase discounts, products, and services that encourage customers to purchase after abandoning the cart or delivering special offers which increase sales.


Featured Work


Island Fin Poké Sarasota

The goal is to reach out to the existing customer base and inform them of the monthly specials and promotions enticing them to return on the specific days that discounts or free items are offered which helps with customer retention.


Scout & Molly's Corporate

The goal is to reach out to loyal customers who might be interested in purchasing a franchise through email marketing by targeting the existing locations’ customer lists. The messaging is specific to women who are business-oriented and entrepreneurial yet fun, fashion-forward, & friendly.

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