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Automotive Conquest Email Marketing

Automotive Conquest Email Marketing
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The Automotive Conquest email blast system is a targeted email campaign aimed at active car buyers. We use a proprietary database that mines data on customers who are:


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    We use a combination of data resources to compile the best data for the market you need to reach for success in your campaign.

    • Historic Data

      Historic Data

      Data stored from known events tied to a specific consumer device identifier (every consumer device has a unique id)

    • Transactional Data

      Transactional Data

      TD is data collected from a 3rd party marketing partner who collected authorization to share data about a specific transaction that occurred with that marketing partner(i.e. insurance company)

    • Self-reported Data

      Self-reported Data

      The consumer has published/requested specific interest in or requested information on a specific topic and opted-in for information

    • Real Time Data

      Real Time Data

      Special Automotive benefit is our A.I. Predictive modeling engine matches that consumer data to “model out” automotive purchase intent with unprecedented accuracy!

    Direct Mail
    • Researching car prices
    • Looking at make/model information
    • Located in your dealership’s DMA
    • Reviewing lease terms
    • Looking at reviews of local dealerships
    • Checking the value of their current car

    You will get more traffic to your website with our proven excellent open and click-through rates. We don’t leave the email message creation up to you — we assist in the design, subject line message, readability, and ease of click-through so you get the most for your marketing dollar.

    All of our email designs are responsive, meaning they will open and operate correctly on mobile devices of all types. This is critical in today’s market as most people search using mobile devices. A non-responsive design is less likely to be opened and read. We also design with a call to action in mind, thus giving customers a clear message leading them to you. Our campaigns can normally be completed and issued within 48 hours, preventing your competitors from gaining an edge over you.

    Our auto dealer email campaigns are trackable, which is critical to get the metrics that allow you to see the effects of your email marketing budget. We use Google Analytics or other third-party reporting to monitor each campaign, thereby allowing us to adjust the message or other features to optimize your click-through rate. The Conquest email blast system is also co-op and OEM compliant so your dealership can take advantage of co-op funds from your OEM if they permit it.

    For more information on the Automotive Conquest email blast system and how it can improve your bottom line please call DigiSphere Marketing at 800-807-4079.


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