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Conquest Email Marketing

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Want to reach a whole new group of potential customers that don’t even know that your business exists yet? Then our conquest email marketing campaigns are for you!

conquest email marketing

The Conquest email blast system is a targeted email system that drills down into your business area for customers who are actively looking for your products or services. Premium Productions has the market expertise and uses the Precision+ email system to offer excellent market segmentation, geographic customer information, income data, credit information, and even lifestyle choices to help you find the optimum customers for your business.

What businesses can benefit from the Conquest system? Almost anyone, but we can provide excellent results for:

  • Real estate offices
  • Restaurants
  • Chiropractors
  • Dental offices
  • Auto and other insurance agencies
  • Political campaigns
  • Dance and gymnastic academies
  • Law offices
  • Auto body and repair companies

Our email campaigns are designed to get your customers to click through to your website. We always use a responsive design that will optimize the email for any mobile device. Customers primarily look for local services and read emails on mobile devices, so it is critical that your campaign emails open and read correctly regardless of the device. The mailing systems used to manage your campaign utilize numerous IPs and servers to maximize the likelihood of your emails getting to your customers. We also can normally turnaround your campaign in 48 hours and get the blast deployed so you keep a marketing edge over your competition.

All of our email designs are responsive, meaning they will open and operate correctly on mobile devices of all types. This is critical in today’s market as most people search using mobile devices. A non-responsive design is less likely to be opened and read. We also design with a call to action in mind, thus giving customers a clear message leading them to you. Our campaigns can normally be completed and issued within 48 hours, preventing your competitors from gaining an edge over you.

Our email campaigns are trackable, which is critical to get the metrics that allow you to see the effects of your email marketing budget. We use Google Analytics or other third-party reporting to monitor each campaign, thereby allowing us to adjust the message or other features to optimize your click-through rate. The Conquest email blast system is also co-op and OEM compliant so your dealership can take advantage of co-op funds from your OEM if they permit it.

We verify and track your emails using systems like Google Analytics, and can provide you reports showing the results of your email campaigns. This will help you adjust future campaigns to maximize your marketing budget. If you sell products from OEMs who offer co-op marketing funds, we can work with them as well to make sure your emails are compliant with their needs.

For more information on how the Conquest email blast system can help your business please contact DigiSphere Marketing at 1-800-807-3031.