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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a nebulous service that touches on many different aspects of your business. In order to properly execute a comprehensive SEO strategy, your digital marketing company will have to interface with:

  • Executives within the company to ensure SEO strategy is in line with corporate goals and strategies
  • Website admins for full on-page optimization
  • Advertising agency to ensure consistent messaging
  • Social media outlets to ensure social signals are given proper attention

We take a very holistic approach to our SEO service. If you are looking for a high-end partner that stays ahead of all the registered patents and community research, then you have found the right digital advertising company to help your business climb to the top of search engines.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of manipulating ranking signals that Google and other search engines are watching in order to rank a web page higher on organic search results page listings.

The benefit of investing in long-term, aggressive SEO for your business is that once you achieve a good ranking placement for your target keywords, that traffic generally tends to remain consistent, unlike PPC traffic which immediately stops once you stop paying for the advertising.

There are three primary factors that we pay attention to in order to be successful in helping our partners rank organically even in very saturated or competitive markets.

On-Page Ranking Factors

Your website is the central hub of all digital and often times even traditional or direct mail marketing methods. Ranking organically will allow organic traffic to quickly become your highest, best producing, and least costly method of advertising.

In order to rank organically, we first focus on making sure that every page of your website has been fully optimized individually. Unlike competitors that use dynamic auto-generated tags for very critical SEO elements like Meta Title and Meta Descriptions, we optimize every page by hand. Carefully crafting every SEO element in order to maximize potential rankings for each individual page. We treat each page of your website as its own universe. That means that each page is unique from any other page on your website.

Even duplicated inventory pages should have unique tags to help make sure there is no duplication throughout your site. This allows us to send very solid signals to the search engines that your site is an authority in the area and topic. There are a great many other onsite factors that must be paid close attention to in order to fully maximize your ranking potentially, and we make sure that all of them are done, each and every time!

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Off-Page Ranking Factors

Once your website is 100% fully optimized to its maximum potential, the next step is to look at off-site ranking factors. There are many factors that have an impact on how well your website ranks organically.

Since Google wants to return the most relevant results for each paid and organic search, it’s imperative that you show them that you are an authority in your field. Below is a list of many of the factors that we manage that are related to off-page ranking signals:

Local Citations – These listings must be 100% accurate and match exactly the name, address, and phone of your business in order to give you the best chance of ranking in the local searches.

Disavow Campaigns – Virtually all sites have bad links pointing to them. We do monthly reviews of all links pointing to our client’s sites and disavow any potentially harmful links that could be causing a negative impact on certain pages of your site or even your site as a whole.

Inbound linking – Links were once a powerful tool for helping build authority and ranking sites organically. In today’s volatile world where many link-building practices that today are considered healthy and white hat, could potentially wind up harming your business as Google’s updates target and even penalize many of these practices. We only build 100% safe, update-proof, links that will help your site’s organic rankings regardless of updates they release to combat spam.

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Social Signals

Social signals have gained importance over time as search engines have learned that the larger social media platforms are extensions of your actual business. They are very concerned with what type of engagement and activity is happening on your official company pages on these social platforms. In order to build your organic rankings, you want to show search engines that you are updating your profiles regularly, responding and engaging with users there, and most importantly getting engagement from your posts there. That means views, likes, and shares!

As you can see social signals also tie into social media marketing services. The digital marketing strategy needs to be well-rounded and considering every possible ranking factor.


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