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Website Design

internet marketing sarasotaYour website is the face of your company online. It is the digital representation of your brand, your core values, your company vision, and most importantly it is your main marketing hub for your digital advertising strategy. As such, it is critical that you display the best possible version of your company to your customers via your website.

Our company is able to effectively understand what you are looking to accomplish online, and then carefully craft a digital portal that will be built for education, conversion, or any other strategy you may need.

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Using the latest web programming standards we are able to craft a beautiful website for your company that loads quickly on all browsers and is designed for conversion. We have years of experience and education in user behaviors and web usability standards. When partnering with our company you will gain the benefit of our expertise.

If you are considering a website redesign or launching a new website, you owe it to yourself to see what an advanced web development company can do for you.

The statistics around mobile usage are staggering. Each year the number of people using mobile devices to browse the web and purchase items is increasing at an exponential rate! Is your company fully prepared to take advantage of this gigantic market space?

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DigiSphere Marketing embraces developments in web design including HTML 5 and responsive websites. Responsive website designs are designs that are fluid, meaning that they are built to expand, contract and resize images based upon the browser we detect that is viewing the website. Responsive designs allow our websites to perform well and look great whether the user is browsing your site from a desktop, tablet, laptop, retina-ready display, or mobile device.

The best part of a responsive fluid design for your website, is that you no longer need mobile websites. Mobile sites tend to have completely different content and navigation. With a responsive website design, all users will have full access to all of your content every time. You will not have to support two separate websites thanks to Responsive Websites from DigiSphere Marketing!

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Better Organic Search Performance

Businesses today are operating in a competitive market. The last thing any owner needs when trying to stand out from the competition is a templated website that looks like every other company’s website. It’s vitally important that your website sets you apart from your competition and offers something more than the average website.

We also build web applications and mobile apps. If you are ready to take your business to the next level please utilize the form on the right to get started right now.

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