Proven track record of success across multiple vertical markets with paid search in various forms.

Paid search is an incredibly powerful marketing platform that when done right can allow companies to reap huge rewards from their PPC (Pay-Per-Click) budgets.

Search Engines

Dominate Search Engines With..

Text Ads

Bid on searches that people are actually making manually on Google. This is a great way to get bottom-of-the-funnel PPC traffic, but also an easy way to spend money if you are not careful. Our seasoned professionals ensure every dollar spent on Google text ads is meant to generate ROI for your business. 

Display & Retargeting Ads

Using Images and Videos to show your creativity to potential customers while they are traversing the web is a great way to brand your business and stay top of mind. We like to use specific audiences such as ones generated through Geo-Fencing or look-a-like audiences to get the maximum return on your investment. 

Video Marketing

YouTube is now a Google property. You can do pre-roll (video that places automatically before a YouTube video), mid-roll (video that interrupts other videos with your ad), or Post Roll (video played at the end of other videos).  

Social Media Ads

Social Media PPC Ads are a huge opportunity for businesses to show targeted messages and even generate leads directly on social platforms. There is a wide variety of venues and types of Social Media PPC ads that can be run on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more. 

We work with companies of all sizes and have a proven track record of success across multiple vertical markets in paid search in its various forms.

Google & Bing Text Ads

Text ads feature text and text links that are used to promote brands, messaging, services, discounts, and products. Get maximized visibility with proper data-driven keyword selection and ad copy that drives action and builds high-quality leads through relevant text ads.

We track conversions, phone calls, contact forms, and clicks for optimal results that bring ROI for your business.

Play Video


Video marketing allows you to play interruption videos to a specific geographic area, specific demographic, and specific types of target videos.
  • Pre-Roll Video
  • Post-Roll Video
  • Mid-Roll Video

Google & Other Network Display & Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is great for building your brand awareness with customers who have already visited your site. After the visitor leaves your site without converting, we want to target them with ads on other websites that they visit, in order to keep your company top of mind.

Display advertising is a similar method of advertising that allows us to advertise graphical banners on third-party websites in order to build your brand and drive traffic to your site. The display allows us to choose the right audience and the right types of venues to display your banners on in order to really make the biggest impact on your budget.

Social Media Ads

We are aggressive in our targeting and our advertising in every form. Some popular ways to market on social media include driving traffic to landing pages, generating leads directly on the social platform, and also building and cultivating more fan base on the business page of the social profile. The more granular your advertising gets, the cheaper the cost of the advertising typically gets!


Featured Work



The goal was to get as many surveys as possible for potential aerial gondola development in Clearwater, FL in a short period of time. This Paid Search campaign was a blended strategy and we used all means of advertising for the best results and exceeded the goal requested. They even made the news!


Dent Shop

The goal was to educate potential customers on the benefit of choosing Dent Shop over traditional body shops and why paintless dent repair is a better option. The initiative is to get more business for all 3 locations through different digital avenues including Paid Search with Google Display/Retargeting Ads & Social Media Advertising.

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