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Paid search is an incredibly powerful marketing platform that when done right can allow companies to reap huge rewards from their PPC (Pay-Per-Click) budgets. When done wrong, PPC can be a money pit that sucks up a budget and spits out a very little reward. That is why it’s so important for companies of all sizes to work only with MVP All-Star digital advertising agencies that have a proven track record of success across multiple vertical markets in paid search in its various forms.

We can’t wait to show you details on how we analyze, set up, launch, run, and most importantly report on all of our paid search campaigns!

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the top traffic drivers used to bring instant traffic that can convert into sales to your website.

There are many factors that determine what a good PPC strategy and company actually are. As a company. we focus on all aspects of paid search and making sure that we are bringing the highest quality traffic to your website that will convert into sales calls and leads. Our strategy, focus, and decision-making are always guided by data and client input. Clients know details that the data may not reveal or that may not be currently focused on based on historical data.

Google and Bing Text Ads

We do everything possible to make sure our Google and Bing text ads are composed of:

  • Maximized visibility
  • Proper data-driven keyword selection
  • Ad copy that drives action and builds high quality through relevancy
  • A strong negative keyword list to prevent spending on non converting or irrelevant terms
  • Taking full advantage of all appropriate ad extensions
  • Targeted relevant deep linking from ads
  • Accompanied mobile campaigns
  • Phone call tracking for PPC traffic
  • Proper Conversion tracking for PPC traffic

Google and other network Display and Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is great for building your brand awareness with customers that have already visited your site. After the visitor leaves your site without converting, we want to target them with ads on other websites that they visit, in order to keep your company top of mind.

Display advertising is a similar method of advertising that allows us to advertise graphical banners on third-party websites in order to build your brand and drive traffic to your site. Display allows us to choose the right audience and the right types of venues to display your banners on in order to really make the biggest impact with your budget.

Video Marketing

Video marketing allows you to play interruption videos to a specific geographic area, specific demographic, and specific type of target videos.

  • Pre-Roll Video
  • Post-Roll Video
  • Mid-Roll Video

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Social Media PPC

Paid advertising on platforms like Facebook can be a great way to get very granular with your digital marketing strategy. The best part of that is that the more granular your advertising gets, the cheaper the cost of the advertising typically gets!

Facebook allows very targeted Psychographic (tight demographic targeting) marketing. Not only can you filter specific demographics of users, but we can also target like demographics. For instance, targeting people that have friends that have core triggers that we want to advertise to. If a user has many friends that share our core demographic, we would want to also target that person as they are likely not far from being in the similar demographic.

We are aggressive in our targeting and our advertising in every form. Some popular ways to market on social media include driving traffic to landing pages, generating leads directly on the social platform, and also building and cultivating more fan base on the business page of the social profile.

For more simple social media paid search like boosting posts and generating likes, we roll those services into our Advanced Social Media Management services.


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