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Development Tools Every Franchise Brand Should Use

Despite the economic fallout due to COVID, the number of franchise brands has still grown at a rapid rate. In fact, the number of franchised businesses grew by 1.5% in 2020, totaling over 785,300 establishments in the US alone. 

This means one thing. Brands need to place a larger emphasis on development than ever before, using the following tools to gain a competitive advantage. 

Cutting-Edge SEO

With 93% of all online experiences starting with a search engine, it’s essential for franchises to have a strong search presence. To achieve this, you need to use up-to-date SEO techniques, such as:

  • Building quality backlinks
  • Using internal linking to direct visitors to relevant pages within your site
  • Providing users with an A+ user experience, including fast loading pages and streamlined navigation
  • Making continual website adjustments based on search engine algorithm updates

Social Media Marketing Management

Social networks have absolutely exploded recently and are a primary channel for reaching new customers and building brand equity. As of early 2021, Instagram had over 1.2 billion users, while YouTube and Facebook both had well over 2 billion. But without properly managing social campaigns and organizing outreach, your impact may be marginalized.

Using social media marketing management software, however, allows you to:

  • Monitor vital metrics
  • Schedule content in advance
  • Streamline communication with users
  • Track spending
  • And much more

Customer-Centric Content

At the end of the day, a franchise brand’s success is dependent on how good it is at connecting with customers. Hands down one of the best ways to do this is through digital content that’s specifically tailored to your brand’s unique audience. 

Storytelling, for example, that incorporates your brand’s voice, values, and culture, is a great way to get customers to engage and illustrates the purpose behind what your franchise does. Case studies that show real-life examples of people who have invested and the impact it’s had on their lives is another and is perfect for helping leads connect the dots. 

There’s also video marketing, with 86% of brands that have used it saying it’s increased traffic to their website, and 84% saying it’s generated more leads. 

Robust Analytics

Finally, data-driven franchise brands are 23x more likely to land more customers and 6x more likely to retain them. They’re also 19x more likely to be profitable than their non-data using counterparts. With a clear correlation between analytics and deeper insights and better decision-making, there’s no denying the impact these platforms can have. 

The applications are endless, with just a few examples being:

  • Identifying main traffic sources and how leads are being generated
  • Pinpointing key business opportunities and areas for expansion
  • Determining customer needs and pain points
  • Measuring KPIs

See How DigiSphere Marketing Can Help

If you’re looking for direction to take your franchise brand to the next level, reach out to DigiSphere Marketing. We can assist you with web design, SEO, social media management, and much more. Call us at 1-800-807-3031 today. 

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