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Google’s SERPs – The Free SEO Tool You Need

It makes no sense to overlook the free help you can get for website SEO. Most of us are happy to have all the assistance available to stay on top of the search engines and drive web traffic. That’s why we think it’s mission-critical to leverage useful FREE tools like Google’s SERPs.

Free SEO Tool You Need

Google’s SERPs – What They Are & How They Help

SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) are the results Google gives you when you search for a specific word or phrase query. This is nice to know when we get lost in the weeds or perplexed or Google’s algorithms. Truth be told, most of the data we need is right there in front of us.

How do you access Google’s SERPs? The best way is to utilize the various free SEO tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Business Profile. Here’s what those features do:

Google Analytics

This is the most important diagnostic tool for deciphering Google SEO. It will tell you all the rudimentary information you need, including site visitors, traffic, and so forth. You get plenty of data-driven, high-quality information all in one spot.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console allows you to delve deeper into metrics like query data, search appearances, and other aspects of search traffic. Users appreciate this feature because it helps address problems with website backlinks (something that can be anathema to SEO if ignored).

Google Business Profile

Have you looked up a business and found information about them alongside a location map? That’s what Google Business Profile does in conjunction with Google Maps. Smart businesses (especially local ones) always utilize this application. It lets customers rate and communicate with you, and you can use it to post content and gain access to critical audience analytics.

Website SEO Checker

You can also add Google’s handy Website SEO Checker to get a full breakdown of how your website performs. It not only tells you where you stand but also gives you pointers for how to resolve SEO setbacks. Simply type in your URL and the checker will give you a 14-point breakdown on how to improve your website.

Get Further SEO Help with DigiSphere Marketing

If all of this seems foreign, confusing, or frustrating to you as a business owner, then have no worry. DigiSphere Marketing specializes in SEO enhancement for the benefit of many small and medium-sized businesses.

Most entrepreneurs don’t have tons of time to dedicate to optimizing their company website. That’s why many businesses outsource the task to dedicated marketing firms like ours. This is your key to the top spots on search engine pages without all the confusing “trial and error.”

DigiSphere Marketing is happy to help you with SEO, website development, and any other business branding requirements. Our efforts deliver legitimate, quantifiable results for automotive dealerships, restaurants, service companies, and more. Contact us any time to request a free SEO analysis.

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