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How Do I Reach Position Zero on Google?

Position Zero is the coveted spot all business owners should want to occupy when people search for their products and services on Google.

What exactly is Position Zero? It’s the one you’ll see at the top of the first-page results on Google, otherwise known as a “Featured Snippet.” If you can get your website into this exalted status, it will do wonders for business traffic.

The Significance of Position Zero on Google

The Featured Snippet designation is efficacious for numerous reasons. For one thing, they usually generate about double the click-through rate (CTR) of other first-page search results. Also, the snippet is user-friendly because it actually answers a legitimate question in the minds of your target audience members.

Although you can no longer get an additional “regular” page listing with the Featured Snippet, Position Zero is still Google’s prime real estate.

Improving Your Chances of a Featured Snippet

Obtaining a Featured Snippet depends heavily on effective website optimization. Here are a few ways to achieve that:

  • Master your use of long-tail keywords throughout all content pages. If you aren’t sure how to generate these, there is plenty of online software like SEMRush to assist you. Feel free to speak with one of our SEO specialists at DigiSphere on how to master this strategy.
  • Organize a logical and coherent structure with regards to page headings, tags, and keywords.
  • Make your keywords revolve around question-based web searches.
  • Once you’re on the Featured Snippet, your question response should be brief. Shoot for about 50-word answers.

Don’t Forget About the “People Also Ask” Section

Then there’s the lucrative Google position that shows up right beneath the Featured Snippet. This is known as the “People Also Ask” section. For all intents and purposes, it’s an extension of the sought-after Position Zero.

There’s usually more than these for addressing popular questions, so bear that in mind. It’s good to be in this section because it’s still directly above all the other search results on Google. The same rules for Featured Snippets apply here, too.

All of this is encouragement for you to sharpen and focus your web content. In 2022, you can’t afford to lose traffic to local or regional competitors who gain Position Zero while you languish on Page 2 of the search results.

DigiSphere Marketing wants to help companies reach their full potential through the utilization of SEO best practices and exemplary web content. Whether you’re a real estate company, law firm, restaurant, auto dealer, or any other business, it’s so important to optimize your web presence. Feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation or call us by phone at 1-800-807-3031.

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