Case Study - Scout & Molly's Boutique

How Scout & Molly’s Boutique used DigiSphere Marketing’s Corporate Franchise Marketing System to enhance their online presence and increased traffic and conversions for the Brand Development, and each Franchisee’s direct sales.

Website Design
Custom Consumer and Franchise Website Redesign 100%
Search Engine Optimization
Advanced SEO to improved all product organic listsings 100%
Pay Per Click Marketing
Utilized a variety of PPC strategy, venue, and tactics to increase sales & conversions 100%
Corporate Franchise Marketing Plan
Implemented a Franchisee Corporate Marketing Program 100%
Email Marketing
Corporate Email Marketing and Franchisee Email Marketing implementation 100%


Scout & Molly’s Boutique was looking to enhance both the look as well as the conversion rate of their corporate franchise websites. In addition, they wanted to provide a more comprehensive digital offering to their Franchisees and engaged DigiSphere as their agency of record to create a comprehensive franchisee marketing package for their Franchisees to have access to. They also wanted to offer better free resources to their Franchisees digitally.

The first step was to come provide a better architecture and visual online presence for their Corporate and Franchise sites. The Corporate site needed to provide much better interfaces for finding Franchise Locations and helping those locations convert more sales when found. The Franchise site needed to tell the store faster and increase conversions of new potential Franchisees. Some of the challenges we had to solve included:

  • Revamping the locations finder for domestic franchise locations
  • Creating an online Corporate Portal for Franchisees to have access to useful information and brand guidelines/content/tools.
  • Giving Franchisees a better digital presence that converts more direct sales and directions from the main corporate site
  • Customizing the third-party Big Commerce e-commerce sites to match the Corporate brand
  • Providing a better architecture and site layout/design on the Franchise site to be more concise, and direct, and increase franchising lead conversions.
  • Implementing Schema Markup throughout the sites as well as marking up FAQ pages.
  • Better Organic results from on-page and off-page optimization strategy implementation.
  • Better GTM, and GA4 Implementation to refine is being reported on so the company can make better business decisions and have more visibility down to the Franchise store level.
  • Providing a corporate marketing program that works for all Franchisees to increase their online presence and increase sales.

With the launch of the redesigned Corporate Franchise site, the client was able to realize better control, better branding consistency, and better business decision-making with the assistance of better data, and provided a comprehensive marketing solution to all of its Franchise locations.

In addition to website and search engine optimization, Scout & Molly’s Boutique utilizes DigiSphere email blasts and social media marketing solutions for the Franchise. We are able to plan our social calendars 45+ days in advance and provide branded social content and recommendations to each Franchisee using the corporate social media marketing service provided by DigiSPhere Marketing.

DigiSPhere is able to attend the Scout & Molly’s Boutique annual Franchisee conventions to provide face-to-face training as well as one on one consultation with each Franchise owner, and participate in the overall corporate culture and experiences of Scout & Molly’s Boutique!


Analysis and Recommendations: with pros and cons of all recommended web platforms were done. We also strategized on the new site architecture and how to build a platform that the company can grow and scale better over time.

Improved Organic and Paid Strategies: With a new site with improved architecture we were able to structure better-performing organic and paid search campaigns which yielded better ROI on all efforts put forth.

Beyond Mobile: In addition to enhancing mobile speed and performance with the same front-end look and feel, the implementation of Schema on products and FAQ pages enhanced the organic results and exposure of the client in organic searches.

Tracking: The implementation of customized GA4 tracking allowed for a better understanding of direct sales and led to new ways to optimize beyond the original design for better conversion rates on direct sales of the site, and informed future business decisions of the company as a whole.



As a Corporate Franchise marketing expert, DigiSphere Marketing was able to achieve the goal of the client by enhancing the online and online branding of the company. Core metrics were improved upon which led to better ROI on all digital marketing dollars spent. Franchisees received a more comprehensive online presence and increased online sales from the corporate franchise & franchisee microsites.

DigiSphere Marketing has combined marketing, design, and technical knowledge to help companies like Scout & Molly’s Boutique see marketing and business success through hard work, clear communication, and comprehensive robust engagement of many disparate departments from the client side and from our agency’s side.


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Alberto P.
Alberto P.
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DigiSphere Marketing offered such an amazing process while they built my website. From the kick off, time it took to launch my website, and the interaction I had with the team, it was hands down a great experience. I will recommend to everyone I know looking to launch their business and get out there into the digital world. Thank you DigiSphere!
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Michael Halas
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Great company looking forward to working with them.
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Marianna Toyota
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Steve and his team at DigiSphere are great. We have worked together for many years with excellent results.
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Jerome Reuter
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While the basic ideals involved in marketing have largely remained unchanged, such as the need to advertise products and services to an intended demographic, the game has changed considerably. SEO, reach, impressions, and social media mean all the difference when it comes to success. Digisphere Marketing has unsurpassed attention to detail to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve.
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Susan Mattern
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Very helpful and knowledgeable, highly recommended this company
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Presley Pitts
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DigiSphere Marketing is such a great group to work with. From website builds, seo, ppc, social, and more. They are truly a one stop shop for all of your digital marketing needs.

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