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We’re Here For You!

Being in one of the harder-hit states our heart goes out to every small business owner that is feeling like their dream is being ripped away from them.

We are offering heavily discounted services or having to pause services with our partners that just can’t create an income but hope to survive during this Global Crisis.

We want to remind all of our friends, family, and business partners out there to focus on your priorities right now. Your family safety and preparedness is what matters most.

Make sure you have:
– Supplies for food for a couple of weeks
– Contacted all your expenses and worked out deferments or reductions
– Have some cash on hand, but don’t make a run on your accounts
– Don’t lock in your loss in the stock market now.
– Stay in touch with your family and friends to see who needs help.
– Apply for any Govt, State stimulus help that can increase your liquidity in the short term.

This is an unprecedented crisis and we need to make sure that we stay positive, and are present for our families first, and then extend our help as we can from there.

If we can be of service to any business looking for help & guidance during these difficult times, DigiSphere Marketing out of Sarasota, Florida is a phone call away. We are here to help.

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