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Why is Reputation Important?

Reputation management has been discussed in our blog, but to refresh the concept we are referring to what people think of a business when viewing it online. Why is reputation important? Because it is important to shape and improve how your web visitors view the quality of your business and its online message.

Your website is the first reflection of your image

Many customers review your website before ever setting foot in your door. Therefore, the most important first step is developing a quality and reputable image on your site. Reputation management occurs online, and although you cannot change a customer’s perception of you they can be influenced by that message. Customers are influenced by the information they see about your business, so make sure the information you can control is accurate.

Your reputation affects your sales

If people trust your brand or products you will increase sales. Online trust often comes from positive reviews left by customers or other businesses. Over time that positive image will drive positive sales. If there is any trend of negative reviews keep a level head and deal with them promptly if they are legitimate. If they are false reviews then flag them with the online site where they occur. You have to put time and effort into managing your reputation.

Communicate your business mission and vision to the public

 Your business can only control the sites and content you own including your website, social media accounts, your logos, and any advertising. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that your mission statement and vision are consistent across all platforms. It is also important to “walk the talk” by making sure you interact with customers in a manner consistent with your mission and vision. You can quickly gain a negative reputation if customers feel they are not being treated in a way that is consistent with your business message.

Remember that your reputation can be damaged from within

If you have a work environment that is causing employees to “trash talk” your business online, your reputation is being negatively affected. If you as a business owner discover this is happening, don’t bury your head in the sand. Find out if the disagreements are legitimate, do whatever is necessary to stop or minimize them, and be public about your efforts to create a positive work environment. A negative workplace is not a death sentence for a business as long as steps are taken to reverse it.

Use a reputation manager to oversee your business reputation

This is where DigiSphere Marketing can help you. We have the expertise in reputation management to keep track of your business presence online, how customers perceive you, and effects occurring from outside sources such as competitors trying to create a negative image of your business. Reputation management is a complex effort that takes time and energy to maintain your positive business image — let DigiSphere Marketing do it for you. For more information about reputation management or any of our digital marketing programs please call 1-800-807-3031.