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Drill Down into Your Local Marketing Area with Conquest Email Marketing

DigiSphere Marketing’s Conquest email marketing is a targeted program that drills down into your local marketing area with specific email campaigns to support your goods and services. It is a program partnered with Premium Productions and their Precision+ email system that finds specific customers best suited for your marketing message.

The Conquest email system creates a marketing email that always has the following characteristics:

  • It is a responsive design easily read on any computer, tablet, or mobile device
  • We use a variety of IPs and servers to increase the likelihood of the message reaching customers
  • The system is optimized for geographic areas, income levels, market segmentation, and many other criteria
  • The email always contains a call to action to incentivize the customer to click through to your website
  • We can normally turn around and initiate a campaign in 48 hours or less
  • All campaigns are trackable and we provide metrics to help you tune later campaigns

Email is still considered a critical part of your marketing plan and can be very cost-effective when used correctly. The Conquest email system does not waste money sending emails to vast swaths of customers who have no interest in your services. 

Sending email campaigns without tracking and metrics is not an effective use of email. We always track your campaigns using Google Analytics or other software and can provide you reports showing the effects of each campaign. This allows us to work with you on future campaigns to refine the message or look at different criteria to refine the recipients of your later emails. Our system is fast, trackable, and flexible to meet your needs.

The Conquest email system can be effective for any business that needs to reach out to current and prospective customers. This includes doctors, chiropractors, dance studios, insurance agencies, law offices, automotive repair and service companies, and political campaigns just to name a few.

If your company needs a better way to communicate with your local customer base contact DigiSphere Marketing today at 1-800-807-3031 and let us show you how our Conquest email marketing system can help you.

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