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What is Inbound Marketing?

Have you ever heard of inbound marketing and how it can impact your business? If you have not, you need to take a serious look at how this concept can help your business. We will discuss inbound marketing and how it can improve your business situation. These concepts are used daily by DigiSphere Marketing and we stand ready to help you gain a marketing advantage against your competitors.

Inbound marketing can be broken into three phases or steps:

Attract — Getting the right customers to recognize your business as a key partner who offers them positive results with every transaction.

Engage — Offering these customers solutions to the problems that inhibit their growth or prevent them from moving beyond their competitors.

Delight — Making sure these solutions are not only accepted by the client but pleases them, thereby offering you a competitive advantage as a favored supplier.

The goal is delighting your customers by exceeding their expectations — this will result in them recommending your organization to others and thereby improving your market position. Your company goal should be to turn strangers into clients, and clients into promoters of your business.

Here are some strategies DigiSphere Marketing uses to help our clients gain new business:


Content — We help our clients reach strangers by offering engaging content about their business. This can include blogs, social media content, special offers, and engaging web content. Customer testimonials can be a very powerful attraction strategy as well.

SEO — Search Engine Optimization is a key strategy DigiSphere Marketing uses to promote our customers’ sites. We carefully look at our clients’ businesses and develop keywords that will attract prospective customers who are searching for products or services. SEO keywords can also include terms that help prospective customers find solutions to problems. The goal of SEO is to get your information to appear organically when prospective customers are searching either for local sources for your products or answers to their problems.


Good engagement with customers involves not just selling products but selling solutions. Your customer service personnel need to be properly trained to handle all kinds of customer needs by offering solutions using your products. This is also a key part of DigiSphere Marketing’s strategy when designing our customers’ websites. We look for designs and content that capture the attention of strangers to keep them on your site and wanting more information. Engagement means creating a long-term relationship rather than a single transaction.


Delighting a customer means being connected to them after a sale. You need to have ways for the customer to interact with you, offer feedback, and have a conduit for sales or service support. This can be done by satisfaction surveys, online chat spaces, and having a responsive social media presence. You must be willing and able to communicate with customers promptly and professionally. DigiSphere Marketing can help with our various metrics tools and support for your social media platforms. 

For more information on how DigiSphere Marketing can take your inbound marketing to a new level please call 1-800-807-3031 or fill out the form on this page.

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