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Email Marketing is Still Crucial. Here’s Why.

Email marketing should still be a prominent tool in your arsenal of effective advertising strategies. Along with effective web development, search engine optimization, and other proven methods, the email approach is an ever-crucial component. Let’s examine a few data-driven and conceptual reasons you cannot afford to skip email marketing.

Email marketing is still crucial. Here's why.

Over Half the Globe Uses Email

There are at least four billion email users around the world. This number will probably approach or surpass five billion by the end of the decade. Therefore, even before considering the quality of your email marketing strategy, you at least know that it’s a huge part of the market.

You Can Personalize Your Message with Email Marketing

Nevertheless, your goal isn’t to reach all four billion of the world’s email users. When you take advantage of demographic personalization, you can target the right folks with a more germane email message. You would do this by utilizing obtainable information related to people’s buying patterns, web search behaviors, and other discernible habits.

One thing we do at DigiSphere Marketing is help our clients leverage email automation software to take these factors into account to produce precise email messages that yield conversions.

Email Still Works Better Than Many Other Advertising Mechanisms

Research data shows us that email marketing is 40 times more efficient at garnering conversions than social media. This holds true for bounce rates, click-through-rates, engagement numbers, and other significant metrics. That’s why email marketing subsumes a whopping 66% of all successful digital advertising conversions.

It Also Engenders Brand Loyalty

Email marketing often involves creating a newsletter, which you can distribute at various frequencies (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, etc.). The newsletter is a brand loyalty builder all its own since many readers will appreciate your company for its consistent content and engagement. This is even more certain when you embed discount offers and other promotions into your email content.

Email Marketing Can Help You Integrate Every Other Marketing Apparatus

Fortunately, email and social media are not at odds with one another. The most prudent businesses know how to sew them together to create a fully functional advertising system. In other words, your email newsletter, company website, Facebook page, Twitter handle, and Instagram page should operate in unison to gather the greatest volume of organic traffic toward your business.

So, keep these advantages in mind when you’re brainstorming ways to sharpen advertising effectiveness. Successful businesses use email marketing for a reason. If you hit a stumbling block, then remember to reach out to us at DigiSphere Marketing for reliable support on everything from email marketing to superior website design.

Our team of marketing pros is available anytime to help you with better email copywriting, more efficient pay-per-click advertising, and an array of other strategies. Contact us to learn more at 800-807-0331.