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Four New Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Many small businesses know about the importance of search engine optimization or SEO to get the attention their websites need from the major search engines. But there’s more you can do than just SEO to bring traffic to your website and increase your business. Here are four ways to improve your website so you drive traffic to it and potentially gain new customers.

Use Online Directories to List Your Business

There are many directories that are free or low cost for business listings. Some are industry-specific like Angie’s List, but there are others you should use as well. Make sure your business is listed with a summary of your products or services on your Chamber of Commerce website. Thumbtack is another listing service. Another option is to ask your clients to leave reviews on Yelp which will then show up when potential customers look for your type of business. Make sure your website is always listed as part of your description. Do a bit of research and get your business listed wherever you can — it’s a low-cost way to advertise your business!

Become Active on Social Media

If you recall that blogging is an important way to keep your website active, then you can take advantage by posting links to your blog on Facebook or Twitter. Many younger customers will look at your business first on social media before they set foot in your door, so don’t miss the opportunity to reach customers using social media channels. People using social media want to see businesses interacting with them, so keep up with your social media postings and conversations for maximum effect.

Supplement Your Advertising With PPC Ads

PPC means pay-per-click advertising and refers to ads that show up alongside search results. If a customer clicks on your ad you pay a small fee, but you may gain a customer. Organic search results may not always get the attention you need for your business, so budgeting an amount for search engine PPC ads can boost traffic. 

Attend Conferences and Groups Relevant to Your Business

If there are conferences or business groups relevant to your business, or whose attendees may be a good fit for your services, take the time to attend and spread the word about your business. Learn to network with conference attendees to gain both valuable contacts as potential customers and also to help others learn what your business can provide. These people can then act as referrers to bring other clients to you in the future. The key is not overselling yourself, but making people aware of who you are and what your business can do for them and others.

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