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Here’s Why Your Company Should Invest in a New Website

Companies are not static entities; they mature, they change products and marketing messages, and they evolve. Yet many companies do not change their websites over time. Here are some reasons you should invest in a new website from DigiSphere Marketing.

The website no longer matches your company’s image or message — Frankly, there are some websites out there that are simply not good to look at. A bad website design will push customers away who don’t have the patience or energy to force their way through. But many companies have websites that look okay but never change. They miss the point that a website design needs to evolve the same way the company evolves. A periodic change in website design will engage customers and keep them coming back.

Companies don’t keep up with mobile technology — A website needs to work correctly on mobile devices; this is more important than ever because most people look at the Internet only from mobile devices. A website needs to use a “responsive web design” that allows the site to look correct on any mobile device. If you have not upgraded your website to responsive web design you may be losing customers. Let DigiSphere Marketing take a look at your site and upgrade it as needed.

Your website misses the customers you need — If you haven’t changed your website over time, you may no longer be attracting the customers you need to purchase your current offerings. You need to periodically review your site and make sure it is current.

Your website appears to be idle or even abandoned — Old websites won’t attract customers, and the search engines will eventually not even place them in search results. If you have an active company, you need an active website that is regularly updated and has new content. You never want your website to become stagnant or appear unused.

Customers cannot find your website — If a customer cannot remember your website address and uses an Internet search to find it, you want to be sure they will connect to you. If you haven’t corrected the responsive web design issue, that could be one reason. However, a bigger issue is search engine optimization or SEO. Having the right keywords identified for your business is important for the search engines to continue to find your site. You may also need to update your website name or URL to one that is easier for customers to remember. 

The solutions above are all part of the services provided by DigiSphere Marketing. We can create new responsive websites, optimize your site keywords with our SEO programs, assist you in getting the right URL that customers will remember, and much more. For more information on our services please call 1-800-807-3031.

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