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Five Ways to Boost SEO Rankings

DigiSphere Marketing offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as one of our many web services. SEO is not easy or everyone would do it, but we have developed expert techniques to boost your website’s search rankings by proper application of the following techniques.

We make your website readable.

Search engines use several factors to determine your website ranking when searched. One important criterion is page duration, or how long a visitor stays on your landing page or website once they arrive there. To make your website user-friendly it must attract the reader. One way to do this is to make it easy to read.

This doesn’t mean we dumb it down, but rather we break up your page content into smaller sections, add different size fonts, bold text when needed, bullet points, and so forth. This allows a visitor to more effectively scan your landing page to determine if they want to read more. It also makes your page easier to crawl by search engine bots that review your page to arrive at your search ranking.

We fix broken links.

Links are effective ways for visitors to move around your website, but links that are broken or don’t work are a quick way to turn off a visitor. Visitors seeing broken links or what are called 404 pages can conclude your company is not deserving of their time or business. The search bots also will lower your page ranking if they detect broken links. DigiSphere Marketing will make sure that doesn’t happen.

We give you killer meta descriptions.

Meta descriptions are not SEO but are important since they are the descriptions that show up on a search result below your website name. Your meta description needs to instantly connect with a visitor so they click on your website link and visit your site. We work hard to give your website a great meta description so customers not only see your website but are drawn to it.

We update and republish content to keep it fresh and relevant.

DigiSphere Marketing creates blogs for our clients so their websites stay current, but what about older blogs? Over time they will get fewer page hits, so it’s time to revisit them and republish them. That does not mean just put a new date on them; we revisit the blog topic and create new content that reflects what your business is doing now.

We give your content priority.

Have you ever visited a web page with a great headline, and then have to watch pop-up ads, ads to the side, and ads coming up from the bottom? Do you stick around to read more? Probably not. We understand that our clients want to sell their products and services, but we also know that the content needs to have priority over the advertising. If we don’t, customers will leave quickly and your page duration stats go down and the bounce rate goes up. So we work hard to create page content that customers can follow without being constantly interrupted by badly placed ads.

If you feel your current website isn’t getting the attention it deserves from the search engines, you may need an SEO tuneup from DigiSphere Marketing. We can help create unique content and a fresh look that will draw customers in and keep them there. For more information on our many web services call DigiSphere Marketing at 1-800-807-3031.