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How SEO Management Can Adapt to AI-Produced Content

Google has compiled new guidelines for AI-generated content. Now that we’re immersed with even more AI technology, with the arrival of ChatGPT, it’s time to reflect on the implications for businesses and SEO. What role does AI play in getting businesses to the top of search results, and what are its limitations?

This post will elaborate on Google’s rules for AI-produced content, and how SEO management can adapt to the new technology.

How SEO Management Can Adapt to AI-Produced Content

Google’s New AI Guidelines

On February 8, 2023, Google published new guidance about AI-generated content, which gave SEO professionals a better idea of how to approach AI technology for making web materials. The gist of the message is that Google will not punish AI-produced material, provided that’s high quality. They’re less concerned with the source of the content as long as it enhances user experience. 

The popular search engine acknowledges that automated content has been around for a long time now. Therefore, there’s no reason to impose any type of ban on AI-made pages or articles. In fact, both Google and Bing rely on automation to sustain their search engines.

Content creators should pay attention to the quality of AI-generated material, however. Google will penalize users who use it to proliferate spam or otherwise unhelpful content. Their guidelines also suggest using disclaimers that acknowledge the use of AI without directly listing the author as AI.

How to Handle SEO Moving Forward

As you know, DigiSphere Marketing dedicates a lot of time to helping businesses, like restaurants and franchises, employ the best SEO strategies. We view AI technology as a potentially useful tool when applied properly. Here are a few best practices for making SEO content from AI.

  • Identify when AI would be more efficient than traditional content building.
  • Resist the urge to “game” the system or trick the algorithms to get onto search results. Instead, do everything possible to create useful content, promoting businesses in the best light.
  • Guarantee that all content, AI-generated or otherwise, gives business websites the chance to articulate their point and purpose clearly. In 2023, you cannot afford to waste web space on frivolity. All web content (service pages, blog posts, announcements, etc.) must show customers/clients what you are and how will help them (no fluff).
  • Explore but don’t depend on AI software and Chrome extensions, including AIPRM, content grammar checkers (like Grammarly), and even automatic image locators.

We hope you’ll continue to follow us as we continue to disseminate and explain all the latest trends in SEO management, including AI developments. DigiSphere Marketing serves businesses of all sizes with first-rate online marketing, reputation management, franchise business marketing, and more. You can learn about any of our services and resources by contacting 800-807-0331.

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