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Online Reputation Management Pitfalls to Avoid

You already know how crucial it is to maintain a strong business reputation online. Whether you own an automotive business, restaurant, law firm, hearing clinic, or cleaning service, your potential clients will evaluate you based on what they find on the web.

Since digital marketing, like anything else in business, is very competitive, you’ll need to know what NOT to do to be successful. Therefore, strive to avoid these reputation management pitfalls.

Why Does Reputation Matter?

In a nutshell, the discussions people have about your brand online will affect whether they patronize your business offline. According to the marketing publication, PRWeek, online reputation determines 47% of a company’s valuation.

That’s because people put a lot of stock in what they read in places like Amazon Reviews or Google Reviews before making purchases. A staggering 93% of consumers claim online reviews influence their brand selections.

Online Reputation Management Pitfalls to Avoid

Four Reputation Management Pitfalls to Avoid

Ignoring it Altogether

If there’s any truth to that 93% figure, then businesses ignore their online reviews only at their peril. Although you may have limited time to address online consumer complaints, it’s far too risky to ignore fake reviews, negative comments, and other image issues.

Ineffective Consumer Review Management

This doesn’t just involve responding to negative feedback. Many businesses also neglect their loyal customers, the ones who give them laudatory praise on Google Reviews, Facebook, or Instagram. Even something simple as a quick “thank you” reply to your positive reviewers can be a tremendous public image boost. These are not superficial gestures at all.

Failure to Solicit Customer Feedback

Do you actively seek the comments, suggestions, and concerns of your clients and customers? Believe it or not, people in the “comment section” will tell you exactly what’s right or wrong with your products, customer service, and delivery procedures. Folks are brutally honest, but remember that if you solicit feedback, you’re obligated to listen and implement at least some of it. Customers will rebel against your brand if you ignore them for any length of time, which proves how reputation management is a continuous process.

Not Asking for Help

Does any of this seem overwhelming or perhaps too much for a sole proprietor to handle? Well, that’s actually understandable, and a good reason to partner with a reliable digital marketing firm to make sure your reputation doesn’t suffer. Unless you have significant experience with this task, social media management, SEO, and other components of web development, then consider outsourcing some of this to a pro.

DigiSphere Marketing can help you avoid all four reputation management pitfalls. Our team can help you cover every angle of online marketing: website development, pay-per-click advertising, conquest email marketing, and more. Contact us anytime to ask about reputation management or anything else we do by calling 800-807-0331.

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