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Over Half of Customer Interactions are Digital: Are You Prepared?

We currently live in a fast-paced digital age. Technology changes at the drop of a hat and staying ahead of the curve is more important than ever. This means it’s time to sink or swim. In a recent poll, it was determined that 72% of all customer interactions are digital. This speaks to how much the game has changed. The same study also concluded that 70% of organizations are currently struggling to provide connected user experiences. With almost 3 quarters of businesses facing difficulty in this area, projected losses could possibly amount to as much as 7 million dollars. 

21st Century Digital Boys (and Girls)

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Fear not, there’s a great deal that can be done to avoid these losses and maximize profits. Digital information transformation has seen the most significant amount of change, with 93% of people attesting to projects taking place much faster than five years ago. One of the major challenges facing organizations in this modern era is the management of data silos. Similar to a grain silo on a farm, data controlled by one single department is isolated from the rest of an organization. Data integration is of the highest importance, and the failure to do so has produced some grave consequences. 

  • 52% of all IT projects were late in 2021. The workload has steadily increased, and the failure to deliver results ends up “bottlenecking” departments into having unrealistic expectations. 
  • The failure to keep up with the multiple changes in infrastructure has led to over half of user experiences having difficulty integrating data properly. 
  • The average use of applications has grown significantly in a short amount of time. In 2021, the average number of applications used by a business was 843, in just a few months into the new year, this number has grown to 976. While the number of applications has grown, the integration of data has had little to no change. As a result of this difficulty, several organizations are spending upwards of over $9,000,000 on custom data integration. 

Finding a Solution 

There’s no problem that can’t be solved through dedication and hard work. The most difficult of endeavors aren’t invincible, and even a carefully placed slingshot can slay the mightiest of giants. 

  • Accelerate the speed of digital transformation.
  • Tackle security and seek vendors who can assist in the multi-layered protection of data.
  • Embracing reusable data integration is cost-effective, faster, and will place a lot less strain on your IT department. 
  • Break down data silos and focus more on being a data-driven organization. These are the entities that will strive and succeed in the years to come. 

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