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Optimize Your Website for Various Search Mediums

The savviest business professionals know they need to have a solid web presence in accordance with what is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). DigiSphere Marketing specializes in helping businesses do that.

Given today’s complexity, it’s not enough to score high rankings on just one or two search engines. You want to gain a solid showing on as many of the various search mediums out there. Here, we discuss ways to be successful on any medium.

Optimize Your Website for Various Search Mediums

Have laser focus on LOCAL search results

Chances are your business has an important local market. It then only makes sense that you tailor your search engine strength to the kinds of web searches your local clients make. This is a lot easier when you modify your HTML mark-up with helpful software such as Schema, but it also involves taking advantage of online business directories like Google Business Profile and creating content that addresses local search topics.

People search the web looking for the quickest answers to pressing questions. You can use your website as a means of doing that AND gaining web traffic. Featured Snippets are the key. If you can write a how-to guide, product definition, or comprehensive data table, you could have your content featured on a search engine like Google.

Emphasize long-tail keywords

This is important because a lot of people use voice-recognition software on their phones to do web searches. Therefore, you want to make sure you structure your keywords to reflect those kinds of questions. For example, you can use long-tail keywords like “Where can I get a used car in Sarasota?” sprinkled within your web content or blog posts.

Don’t neglect the mobile aspects

If you’ve ever built a website in WordPress, for example, you know that web pages need to conform to various formats (desktop, tablet, and mobile typically). What happens if you don’t make everything look right on your mobile version? Your organic traffic might fall off a cliff. Some of the best ways to avoid that problem involve: 1) Using simple words, 2) bulleted lists, 3) making sure pop-up ads work on mobile versions, and 4) maintaining a good loading speed for your site.

Use a diverse set of images

WordPress and other publishing programs will advise you to use at least an image or two on every page. That’s because plentiful (quality) images do a lot to bolster your searchability. Don’t forget that it helps to use keywords in all your image descriptions too.

DigiSphere Marketing wants to help you get your business on the first page of every relevant search engine with the best SEO practices. In 2022, it’s an absolute business necessity. Find out more about our services by contacting us via e-mail or calling 1-800-807-3031.