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Planning for Great Digital Marketing in 2023

Are you ready to take your company’s digital marketing game to new heights in 2023?

Then DigiSphere Marketing wants to facilitate new business growth for you. We offer an array of digital and conquest mail marketing services to accomplish this, but it’s important to know the pitfalls that could derail your best efforts.

Check out these mistakes you should avoid when planning your digital marketing strategy in 2023.

Planning for Great Digital Marketing in 2023


Expecting Immediate Success with SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) doesn’t happen overnight, even with the best possible content and configurations. While it’s possible to experience instant success with a new ad campaign or website, we usually have to test and retest several times to discover what works. If for no other reason, all new content requires time to develop, followed by a little trial-and-error following publication. SEO is a journey, not an immediate destination.

Making Your Web Content Unclear or Confusing

Of course, you won’t arrive at a positive destination at all if your ad messages and web content are unclear or inconsistent. You might already know that you don’t have long to “hook” your audience and entice them to click on your ad. Therefore, it’s critical to develop clear, concise, and pithy content for any chance of success.

Using Keywords Excessively or Ineffectively

There’s a concept known as “keyword stuffing,” which involves overdoing it with keywords, hoping to get better SEO. Today’s search engine algorithms won’t fall for this trick, however. Since Google penalizes excessive keywords, and your readers won’t enjoy your content, we suggest finding a “golden mean” or virtuous middle ground for keyword frequency. Too many or too few keywords will adversely impact SEO.

Not Identifying Conversion Goals

Businesses must know what a conversion is if they want to know whether their advertising works. What constitutes a conversion may differ depending on your business type and expectations.

Are you trying to get folks to call you? Buy a specific product? Visit a certain area of your website? You’ll probably have a combination of goals, but you must identify them before you can measure success properly.

Taking a “DIY” Approach to Digital Marketing

These days, there are lots of moving parts and complexity to digital marketing. There’s website development, social media management, reputation management, and a host of other variables. While you can do some of it yourself, we imagine you’d like to have some time left over for running your business.

That’s where DigiSphere Marketing can help. Our team does all the advertising and web services for businesses as diverse as automotive dealerships and law firms, all the way to restaurant and retail franchises. In business terms, it’s a lifesaver especially for small companies that don’t have a marketing staff.

If you’d like to avoid these mistakes and enjoy smooth sailing toward better website traffic, then consider the services of DigiSphere Marketing. We are located in Sarasota, Florida, where we assist many small and medium-sized businesses, but we also provide outstanding web services for clients all over the country. You can learn more about us by calling 800-807-0331

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