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The Greatest Benefits of Using Google Business Profile for Small Businesses

Google Business Profile for Small Business
As we head into 2023, there’s little doubt that small businesses MUST utilize online marketing sources, including a robust Google Business Account. It offers so many advantages, and you don’t have to be a large corporation to leverage them. You might recall our previous post where we discussed four vital Google Business resources. It’s one of the best tools for highlighting your services/products, showing off your physical store location, and much more. We’d like to revisit this topic with an updated look at this vital marketing mechanism.

Get Your Business on the Map (Literally)

Have you ever searched for a service or consumer good on Google? Did you notice the section labeled “Businesses” with a map next to it? That’s prime real estate on Google search results because it shows your company name, contact information, website link, customer reviews, and even your geographic location. Google updates this feature all the time to help user experience, but it can also make advertising your business easier than ever.

Garner Positive Online Customer Reviews

That part about customer reviews is an essential piece of the puzzle. When Google lists search results with particular businesses, you’ll notice a few things:
  • A quality rating on a scale of 0-5 stars.
  • The number of customer reviews a business has (more is better).
  • A quick written review from the customer.
These can make or break your business, so they demand some attention. The most savvy small businesses will monitor their reviews and respond to them, especially if there’s a customer grievance. It’s like managing customer complaints or reviews with a Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile.

Boost Your Company Website SEO

Since your company website is a veritable online headquarters, you must make sure it’s always Search Engine Optimization (SEO). One of the fastest ways to do this is through a reputable Google listing. Your potential clients will find your services much faster if your company name and Google Business Profile appear in their search results.

An Opportunity to Provide Better Customer Service

Another good reason to have customer reviews is because they give you a chance to respond to complaints, product malfunctions, or service problems much faster. The same is true of social media communication since both let you interface with a customer even if you can’t reach them by phone or in person. This is one of the best ways to show your customers that you take their demand preferences and satisfaction seriously. If you want to truly optimize your Google Business Profile, rather than struggle to “DIY” your online marketing, then consider the professional services of DigiSphere Marketing. We can help you master your marketing logistics, enjoy all the aforementioned benefits, and without taking you away from running your business. Call us to learn more at 800-807-0331.
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