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Reap the Rewards with Image SEO

Image SEO has quickly become a crucial component of content marketing to boost your organic rankings and drive traffic to your site. DigiSphere Marketing is a full-service marketing agency consisting of a team of digital ninjas expertly combining the ancient traditions of marketing with the new customs of the 21st century. We can help you revamp your visual content and reap the rewards of image SEO.

What Is Image SEO?

Reaping the Rewards with Image SEO from DigiSphere Marketing

Content reigns supreme in the digital sphere. Having killer content that keeps customers engaged and gets them to take action is the primary goal. Most SEO is centered around written content with good reason. Most people use words when they search for products and services, or even information, online. But there is a shift taking place.

According to a 2018 Gartner study, brands that started using SEO strategies to optimize their visual content early could increase their revenue by 30% by 2021. Image SEO aims to improve the quality and readability of all images on a website or social media page. Marketing companies, like DigiSphere, will add more information to the images, making it easier for search engines to find and understand the content.

Why Is It Important to Use Image SEO?

Google made a radical change to its website in 2018. They simply removed the “view image” button. Now, when people want to see the visual content they have to visit the website. It helps drive more traffic to your site. But there are billions of images online, so how do you stand out? Image SEO is the answer. Embedding your images with metadata makes it easier for search engines to find your content and send it to the top of the pile.

DigiSpere Marketing uses semantic SEO to boost organic click-throughs. Along with image SEO, we will optimize every other element of your webpage, including the written content and metadata. Check out all our services offerings here. We use static pages with rich content that increases your rankings for model and trim specific searches. We also provide historical data, so that we can adjust and tweak your SEO to ensure you get consistent results. Give us a call on 1-800-807-3031 or complete this contact form. We’d love to answer your questions and help you grow your business!

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