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Five Signs Your Dealership Needs a New Marketing Agency

Do you run an automotive dealership with lackluster sales or an unclear marketing message? Are you seeing a revolving door of marketing agency account managers with no idea how to market your business? It may be time to drop your current marketing agency and look for one better aligned with your business plans. But how do you know if this is the right thing to do? Here are five signs it might be time to cut the cord on your current agency.

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Help Grow Your Business Using Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is any business marketing you do using the Internet. But the scope of that marketing is far more complex because it includes any form of digital communication between you and your customers. If your company isn’t making a dedicated effort to have a digital marketing footprint you are missing huge opportunities to grow your business. If this effort appears overwhelming, DigiSphere Marketing can help. Here are some of the ways your business should be taking advantage of the digital marketplace:

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In a Post Pandemic World “Things have changed”

As I look back to January 2020, I would have never imagined the series of events my life and the lives of those around me have endured.

It was winter in Ohio and I just sold the house my family and I had enjoyed for over a decade. We ended up closing on the 6th at a price just below our asking price. My household just experienced an unimaginable ride of “dad” leaving the beloved automotive industry of 20 years to become a restaurateur in a Columbus suburb, a dream my wife and I had for many years.

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Are You Implementing These Strategies at Your Car Dealership?

Marketing strategies for car dealerships are constantly changing to reflect local markets and buying patterns. Dealerships must plan their budgets carefully to take full advantage of the money available, but there are some strategies that car dealerships can use to maximize their ad dollars.

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Mobile Automotive Marketing is Key

In today’s digital era, you can’t ignore mobile. Mobile can be considered the most important part of modern marketing. This is because smartphones are a way of life. Next time you’re in a public space, take a look around. Most people will likely be using their smartphone, holding their smartphone, or their smartphone will be in their pocket or on the table in front of them.

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Google Announces Mobile-First Indexing for the Whole Web

Google has been working on mobile-first indexing for some time, and just announced that starting in September 2020 they will be switching to mobile-first indexing for all websites. When a domain is switched to mobile-first indexing it will see an increase in Googlebot activity as the site is reviewed and indexed. After this is complete Google will occasionally search with their traditional web bot, but the primary crawling from that time forward will be with their mobile smartphone user-agent. 

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