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Transform Your Dealership’s Social Media!

Automotive dealerships have traditionally used TV, radio, and print advertising to market themselves. In today’s digital world those channels may not be enough. Younger car buyers have looked at your dealership, vehicle inventory, and reviews about you before they ever set foot in the door. In the same way, social media presence is making a much bigger impact on current and prospective customers. You need to transform your social media presence if you aren’t currently paying attention to it.

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Five Reasons Your Company Should Invest in a New Website

A website represents your company to the world through the Internet. Companies should spend more time thinking about how to make their website stand out. More and more people look at companies digitally before they ever set foot in the door, so take the time to make it attractive and having the right messages. Here are five reasons it may be time to invest in a new website:

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We Can Resolve These Common SEO Problems

If you manage your company’s website and aren’t totally familiar with the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you are not alone. Many companies develop their own websites to save some money, then wonder why they aren’t getting new customers through their website. The reason may simply be the website has problems which cause Google and other search engines to downrate the site or even ignore it. DigiSphere Marketing can help resolve these issues and get your website noticed by the search engines. Let’s look at some common SEO problems you may not know.

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