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Do All Those Likes on Social Media Matter?

How important is it for your business marketing content, the material that appears on social media, to receive enough “likes” from viewers/readers?

Judging by how often you hear content producers practically beg their audience to “like and subscribe,” you would assume it’s the highest commodity. However, as a business owner, you should know that likes help, but they aren’t the most important metric.

This article will illustrate a more comprehensive way to approach social media, hoping to capitalize on the more relevant digital marketing metrics. In other words, there are other things that matter much more than mere likes.

Likes Matter, But Business Promotion Depends More on Visibility

The truth is that not every business focuses on clientele who will click a like button to express their approval. Perhaps you own a medical supplies company geared toward seniors, who probably don’t see the point in “liking” the items they purchased. The greater purpose is making sure they eventually click the “buy” not instead.

Why would a business focus so much on likes when there are more effective metrics like click-thru rate, average time on page, and above all else . . . sales conversions?

Therefore, while we don’t entirely dismiss the likes metric, it’s better to develop your web marketing around certain concepts or strategies, which will boost web traffic (and sales).

More Worthwhile Digital Marketing Concepts

Feedback & Perceived Credibility

Believe it or not, there are more effective, qualitative ways to assess how well your customers enjoy your products. One thing we focus on in online reputation management is handling positive/negative comments that businesses receive on websites like Google Reviews or Yelp. While Google Reviews gives you a helpful aggregate rating (0 to 5 stars), you shouldn’t neglect what people write in the actual testimonial. Our experience shows that businesses can improve their image and attract new customers by addressing negative customer feedback irrespective of the particular customer rating.


The primary purpose of social media for business marketing has less to do with accumulating likes vaingloriously, but more to do with building trust. These days, it’s hard for a business to gain people’s trust without social media visibility. Many customers won’t give you the time of day unless you establish yourself on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Customers Appreciate Participatory Businesses

It really helps to participate in other folks’ businesses and causes. After all, there are many times when it’s smart to pay it forward by liking and commenting on other business profiles. This makes your online presence appear much more organic and trustworthy as opposed to yet another obvious sales campaign. Many social media users repel the latter and appreciate the former.

So, we encourage you to focus most of your energy on those concepts rather than spending too much time worrying over “likes.”

Do you need a hand with managing your social media presence?

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