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Has Your Business Utilized Apple’s Newest Tool, Apple Business Connect?

The world of online business profiling has a new face in the game, a competitor to the popular Google Maps system. You can now promote your business with an Apple Business Connect profile, parallel to your Google account. This is a big deal for companies who wish to stay current with the most effective means of digital marketing.

Apple Business Connect

What is Apple Business Connect?

Apple Business Connect is an important new extension of the Apple Maps system, which has been around since 2012, a parallel interface to Google Maps. It allows users to manage and update online company profiles, through this new web portal, to reach 1.5 billion devices. That’s an enormous market that you can reach much easier with this streamlined, comprehensive platform.

Previously, the Apple system relied on less integrated ways to handle advertising sources like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Foursquare. Apple Business Connect lets you capitalize on all those search-engine/map features in one smooth program. This allows Apple to catch up to Google, which has let users do this since 2005 with its Maps and Google Business Profile.

Still Compatible with Yelp Features

Apple Business Connect still permits users to use everything from their Yelp profiles, including photos and reviews. Therefore, if your company has a high rating with several positive testimonials, you won’t lose those critical reputational components. This new program just combines and augments all of that to improve your various online listings.

More on How to Optimize Apple Business Connect

Apple’s software gives you the chance to leverage many practical applications to help you spread brand awareness. The new approach lets you update your business place card with vital information about operational hours, contact phone numbers, physical addresses (if applicable), brand logos, product photos, and more.

Then there are plenty of lucrative subcategories to explore as well. It has a section for “Good to Know” information, where you can grab the reader’s attention with things like “Free Delivery,” “Open Late,” or “Veteran Owned.” The bottom line is that business owners now have another way to broaden their advertising efforts to include a greater number of Apple users.

Need Help with Mastering Digital Marketing?

If all of this seems foreign to you, then don’t worry because we can assist. The various online marketing tools are constantly developing, which is why it helps to partner with a professional firm that knows all the nuts and bolts. Our mission at DigiSphere Marketing is to handle this burden for you, make sure your web presence attracts customers, and let you get back to running your company.

Would you like to learn how to fully optimize Apple Business Connect, Google Business Profiles, and configure them all together with your website?

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