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Explore 7 Effective Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

Are you ready to stay on top of the most important digital marketing trends of the new year?

Well, if you want to maintain any level of marketing/advertising success, then it’s a no-brainer. It’s imperative for small, medium, and large businesses to stay ahead of the power curve with all new developments. As usual, you can rely on DigiSphere Marketing to keep you abreast of every significant marketing technique.

Continued Emphasis on Real-Time Messaging

By now, you probably know that your business needs a website, but that it doesn’t stop there. You must communicate directly with your customers, whether that’s on your website or with one of the social media platforms. Remember, this is one of the best ways to respond to negative reviews (on Yelp or Google Reviews), and address service problems (like shipping delays) much faster.

Outstanding Video Content is Essential

Whether you make YouTube videos or try your hand with the novel TikTok platform, you’ll need a video component to your marketing strategy. These days, users don’t want to read 2,000-word articles, or sit through hour-long videos. So, keep your video messages/promos short, sweet, pithy, and to the point.

Utilize Influencers Whenever Possible

You’ll hear about celebrity endorsements a lot, but the term “influencer” doesn’t always mean you have to chase down a pop musician or basketball star. There are plenty of ways small businesses, like automobile dealerships, can create video ads or host podcasts with local celebrities. As long as they’re pertinent to your business and target audience, then they can serve as an influencer.

Use Email Marketing Often

Email marketing is too effective to ignore. Greater than 80% of B2B marketers consider it an essential part of brand promotion. It’s also an effective way to reach customers daily or weekly, in addition to real-time messaging.

Artificial Intelligence Could Become Important

Artificial intelligence is yet another way to gauge advertising performance, understand customer preferences, and make decisions. We expect this to grow in tandem with existing analytical tools (like Google Analytics).

User-Generated Content Matters Too

Not only can you make wonderful in-house content and invite influencers into the mix, it’s also smart to include user-generated content. This ranges from customer reviews to glowing video testimonials for your products and services. The best part is that it’s almost free advertising. Smart companies, however, will try to solicit user-generated content in exchange for product discounts and giveaways.

Hire a Digital Marketing Firm to Stay Ahead

Many of the best businesses outsource their marketing functions to professional firms, like DigiSphere Marketing. Our services help you master web design for your online business headquarters. We can also ensure that your online ads get the right attention, and your email marketing finds your target audience.

DigiSphere Marketing, based in Sarasota, Florida, offers outstanding web design and other marketing services to dozens of successful businesses. If you’d like to learn how to keep up with these 2023 digital marketing trends, contact us soon at 800-807-0331.

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