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Your Small Business Needs a Website

An active up-to-date website is critical for small businesses regardless of the products or services you provide to your local community. Google alone records tens of thousands of website searches each second or over three billion every day. Multiply that by other search engines available today and it is likely someone in your market is looking for your business services.

An additional incentive is an ongoing shift to a digital marketplace. Two-thirds of shoppers start their search for a product or service through an online search. This shift is being accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic as many buyers are reluctant to leave their homes to shop. You need a website if you don’t have one!

You may feel you don’t need a website if you only offer a local business service. This is not true;  Google and the other search engines extend your website presence if your site has been optimized for local searches. This is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO, and DigiSphere Marketing is an expert in getting the best results for you when local customers search for your business services. Proper optimization of your website can cause your business to be in the coveted position in the “3-pack” of businesses listed under a Google search map when someone searches for a business in your specific area.

SEO also makes the most of your digital presence on the Internet by having your business name, contact information, directions to your location, and ratings from customers all listed conveniently for customers to find. Getting this information correctly entered on your website and keeping it updated will result in organic search traffic finding your business directly. A small business website is an excellent use of your marketing dollars. It may also expand your business beyond your local area, resulting in additional customers and sales.

A properly designed website also creates trust with new customers. Digital marketing today is a great return on your investment because customers can find you without having to put a foot inside your door. Your business may not be open 24/7, but your website is and can be bringing you customers every day rain or shine. DigiSphere Marketing can also link your website to any social media accounts you have or will help create a social media presence for you if needed. 

If you aren’t on the Internet with a properly designed and optimized website in today’s world, it’s almost as though you don’t exist. Don’t let your competition take your customers away — contact DigiSphere Marketing today at 1-800-807-3031 and discuss your website needs with us. 

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